Armello Soft-Launch on Android

    Armello is in beta-launch on Android devices, in the Early Access program!

    Whilst we prepare for the full launch, you can navigate to Google Play and download Armello for Android right now. Another exciting milestone, it has been a very long journey for the team but, Armello is now available on all announced platforms.

    Paperbark Worldwide Launch on iOS

    Paper House’s Paperbark has launched worldwide on iOS! Paperbark is a serene tale of the Australian bushland, where you guide a peaceful wombat through a very eventful day.

    League of Geeks are proud to have partnered with Paper House to bring Paperbark to fruition, it’s a beautiful game that celebrates our beautiful flora and fauna, so unique and special to Australia and rarely seen on digital screens. You can download Paperbark right now on iPad and iPhone in the App Store.

    Armello Released on iOS (Android Coming)

    Armello is now available worldwide on iOS!

    After many long years since Armello’s initial announce the time has finally come. You can download Armello right now, from the App Store and for FREE!


    Since the very beginning of the project we always aimed to make Armello, a best in class experience on tablets and we’re so happy to be able to bring the very same game to high end smartphones as well, something we never originally thought possible. It’s a feat that our development team has managed to allow Armello to function and thrive on mobile devices without compromising that quality seen on consoles and PC.

    Android users fear not, we’re hard at work with Armello for Android, coming soon.

    The Road to Armello 2.0 Began

    The Road to v2.0 has begun, shining a bright new light in Armello’s future.

    League of Geeks will be working towards a bigger, better version 2.0 for Armello later this year. This journey is important, not only will we be hoping to provide a fresh experience for old and new players, we’ll be bringing many of the community’s most requested features and many smaller improvements to playability and balance that will make this the best version of Armello ever! Also for players who haven’t played Armello since its original launch, they’ll be surprised to see the significant expansion in content and new playable heroes on offer, they’ll be sure to be a few more surprises as we continue down this journey.


    This journey is also exciting as we approach 2.0 content updates will be coming to Steam on a month to month basis.