League of Geeks producer, Lisy Kane, presented with the 2017 Tim Richards Award

    League of Geeks’ own, Lisy “Forbes’ 30 Under 30” Kane has been presented with the 2017 Tim Richards award at this years Seen and Screened Awards.

    “Melbourne-based games producer Lisy Kane was presented with the 2017 Tim Richards Award in acknowledgement of her skills as a leading female games developer and her efforts to support women working in the games industry.”

    Apparently Lisy is determined to cultivate an extensive award collection and we have no doubt she’ll succeed.

    You can check the full details here.

    League of Geeks would like to celebrate International Women’s Day 2017

    It’s International Women’s Day 2017! A great day to celebrate all the hard work women have made in games. We’d like to thank the women we work with every day, whose creativity and skill both inspire us and make such incredibly positive changes to our profession, games and lives.

    LoG is proud to say that we have 6 out of 14 team members who identify as women. We’re still not at the goal of 50/50 gender representation that we’ve long strived towards, but we welcome the work needed to get there. We genuinely believe businesses should be powerhouses for good, but we also know believing is not enough. Change can only happen by being bold, actively looking for solutions, and by making positive decisions in regards to company culture, hiring methods and treatment of women.

    The games industry is still largely staffed with men, despite half of game players being women. Game development culture needs to adapt and create bold strategies for inclusion, diversity and gender parity.

    You can expect to see LoG continue our efforts as a leader in equality, diversity and pushing best business practices. Not just within games, but within our local and global community.

    From all of us at LoG

    League of Geeks completes its fifth consecutive Profit Share Distribution

    We’re happy to announce that LoG has just completed its fifth consecutive Profit Share Distribution for the sales from Armello’s fourth quarter of 2016. This distribution is the third largest and marks a significant upturn in revenue for the project and company as a whole. The main drivers pushing Armello and LoG’s revenue upwards is the increasing reach to customers in China through Steam, an enhanced product offering on consoles through DLC and the continued investment into inventory game systems through Steam’s marketplace.

    LoG is continuing with its port of Armello to iOS and Android and is in the midst of securing a strong partner to help expedite the mobile launch, still expected for Q2 this year.

    The team at LoG have spent time around the Christmas break reviewing company procedures and processes and have been authoring plans into taking them well into 2020. Following the first stages of these new plans LoG will be moving to a new and larger studio space this March and expanding the team with new hires already underway.

    League of Geeks are heading to GDC 2017

    We’re proud to announce that every available member of League of Geeks will be heading to San Francisco for the Games Developers Conference (GDC), late this February. We’ll be taking this opportunity to meet with our established business partners and mingle with partners-to-be.

    The team will disperse throughout the conference to trade secrets regarding their individual areas of expertise, imparting what we’ve learnt in our journey and gathering knowledge from the other side of the world.