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League of Geeks is an indie game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2011 we like long walks on the beach, collaborating with the most talented people around, #trailblazing, pushing at the very seams of every medium we work within, creating unforgettable games with bold new worlds that just keep on givin'!

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Director & Co-Founder

Frontman, boy-wonder, culture cultivator, creative director and word wrangler. Amassing accolades to combat insecurities since 1986



Director & Co-Founder

President Business, bank whisperer, reader of contracts, payer of wages, game designer and Mr Serious.



Director & Co-Founder

Art Director, Artist-wrangler, Cintiq-huncher, Unity-plugger, part time designer & writer, scandalous hermit.


  • Currently Hiring: Experienced 3D Character Artist

    At League of Geeks, we passionately devote ourselves to forging engaging and enduring characters for our games. With some of the best Concept Artists amongst our ranks, we are now on the hunt for an exceptional 3D Character Artist to help bring our concepts to life. Candidates must possess the ability to create super appealing […]

  • Currently Hiring: Senior Game Designer

    We are looking for an experienced and talented game designer with great instincts and a knack for lateral thinking who can champion the player experience and deliver on the studio’s goals in equal measure. You will be a senior member of LoG’s design department. As such, you are not expected to know everything nor must […]

  • Currently Hiring: Quality Assurance (Full-time)

    At League of Geeks we’re known for the incredible high level of quality found in everything we touch, at the forefront of that principle are our internal quality assurance processes. As a central part of these processes you will be working alongside the entire development team, seeing the full end-to-end process of delivering major updates […]

  • Armello Released on Android

    Armello is now available worldwide on Google Play after a successful improvement and development cycle through the Android Early Access program. The team is proud to have brought the magic of the full, glorious and gorgeous Armello universe to Android users. The Android release brings new minor improvements, optimisations and bug fixes along side a […]


Whether you're interested in joining the team, an internship or completing your year 10 work experience - we'd love to hear from you. Sometimes we can take a while to respond but reach out to us here


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