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Tyshan Carey, Blake Mizzi, Trent Kusters and Jacek Tuschewski

“ You can start believing. Armello looks special ”
Pocket Tactics - Owen Faraday

“ this is one game that ought to be worth the wait ”
Gamezebo - Dant Rambo

“ Let's keep our eye on this one ”
Pocket Tactics - Owen Faraday

“ right up there on my iPad gaming radar ”
Kotaku - Luke Plunkett

“ the art alone makes it worth a play ”
BoardGame Geek - Brad Cummings

“ simply put - Armello is amazing ”
PC & Tech Authority

“ Armello already commands attention and oozes the same kind of charmingly fantastical personality you'd expect from a Miyazaki 2film or Civilization game - both juggernauts of their respective forms. ”
MacLife - Richard Moss

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