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League of Geeks (you can call us LoG) is a 'Triple-i' videogame development studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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Jumplight Odyssey

Keep hope alive on your adventure to the mythical Forever Star! Gather survivors, repair and build out your starship, brave black holes, and fend off attacks, all while managing the daily soap opera of your colorful crew.

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Solium Infernum

Take the Infernal Throne in this political strategy game set in Hell. The Prince of Darkness has vanished, leaving Archfiends to conspire: muster your legions while intoning dark sorceries, devilish schemes, and Machiavellian plots. Who will be the new ruler of Hell and ascend the Throne?

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Armello is a grim fairy-tale board game come to life, with every match combining deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy and RPG elements. Fight to become Armello's new ruler, if you dare.

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Gone Fishin'!

Hi there friends! With over 13 years under our belt as an entirely independent studio, and the economic situation in games being what it is right now, we have made the decision to …

June 12th 2024 Read more


Belephegor, Solium Infernum's New DLC is Out!

A new dark challenger has entered the frey for the eternal throne. The ingenious Lord Belphegor, Solium Infernum's all new Archfiend awaits you on the Steam Store in League of …

April 24th 2024 Read more


Welcome to Hell! Solium Infernum is out!

It is finally time… The Gates of Hell are flung open. Lay claim to your dominion, Archfiend! Solium Infernum, LoG's political grand strategy game set in Hell has been unleashed …

February 23rd 2024 Read more
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