Studio Paint Job!

    Our studio grows slicker and more… League of Geeks by the day!

    The studio is now over 30 people strong, and we decided to give it a little make over.  Enjoy! 

    2019 Melbourne International Games Week Recap

    This year’s Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) was the studio’s biggest yet! Here is a little recap of the week’s highlights.


    Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP)
    This year GCAP was bigger than ever, extending it’s talks, panel discussions, networking and opportunities over three days! For GCAPs 14th year, the theme was, ‘Lighting the Way’ – drawing on the age-old symbolism of strength and light to guide us home through turbulent waters.

    During both GCAP and PAX we had a group of the awesome LoG Squad  


    LoG Talks

    – Joined a roundtable discussion at High Score, a two day event focusing on Composition and Sound Art for Gaming
    – Shared insight in what production looks like at LoG in her GCAP talk What to Expect when you’re expecting (a producer) 

    – Ran another talked in her ‘Cards Against ..’ series at GCAP called More Cards Against People Mismanagement
    – Game Development Explained With Sock Puppets

    Darcy lent his voice to a PAXAus panel about Community Management called – ‘Behind the Curtain: What Do Community Managers Actually Do?!

    Woody flexed his knowledge in a PAXAus panel called Extra Life: Games as a Service And What Keeps Them Growing


    Game for Change Lunch
    LoG was also proud to sponsor this year’s Game for Change Lunch hosted by Film Victoria.The invite-only event celebrates the experiences and perspectives of women and non binary individuals who are central to Australia’s game community. The lunch featured insights from key guest speakers in the sector as well as providing a networking opportunity with peers.

    We are proud to continue supporting the growth of our local Game Development industry.

    During the week, it was a very proud time for our Founders to look around the different events and see so many smiling LoG faces around; sharing in learning and connecting with their peers.

    That’s a wrap for this year’s, and the team was left feeling tired.. but INSPIRED! 

    The Dragon Clan DLC is live on Steam!

    Bells toll for Armello’s King, and savage heroes strong in scale and faith return to reclaim their birthright.
    The Dragon Clan DLC is now live and it stars four, threatening reptilian heroes, and a whole trove of exciting features.

    Our new scaley heroes are:

    Volodar, Wormchanter
    A self proclaimed prophet able to influence sophisticated and beastly minds alike.

    Agniya, The Revenant
    Likely the oldest creature in Armello, this ancient warrior still holds her oath to the Worm.

    Oxana, The Sentinel
    A member of the elite sect of Druid Hunters, she is the perfect weapon against the Wyld.

    Nazar, Worm’s Will
    An illusionist devoted to the Worm who is as crafty as he is paranoid.

    This update also includes:

    • A brand new Dragon Clan pictographic quest system. Uncover and interpret their mysterious tales.
    • “The Dragon Clan” novella penned by returning Armello author, Alex Kain.
    • The Dragon Dice. Represent your allegiance to Armello’s forgotten clan.
    • Six new Dragon Clan Rings, allowing for a variety of devious playstyles.
    • The “Ruin” Amulet, which encourages even the purest of Heroes to become Armello’s next menace.

    Find the Dragon Clan DLC on Steam here:


    LoG’s First Annual Winter Feast

    At League of Geeks, we understand the importance of breaking bread with those you’re close with. Yesterday the whole team did just that, in a spectacular fashion

    We ate, drank and conversed in a setting away from work and spent some quality time with each other, building lasting connections that carry into the workplace and hopefully aid communication and teamwork.

    If for nothing else, we had a fantastic meal and the crew are already counting the days until the next one.