Armello v2.0 is live on Steam!

    After 4+ years of Hero Packs and content-driven updates, the focus has been set on re-architecting some big systems that would vastly improve the user experience and quality of life for our Armellians. v2.0 also contains a tonne of player-driven feedback – including, yes, MULTIPLAYER RECONNECTION.

    v2.0 will be coming across to consoles in the future. More news on that to come!

    Armello is available on Nintendo Switch!

    We’re proud to announce that Armello has landed on Nintendo Switch. The base game is available, along with all of the DLC packs released on other platforms. Or, better yet the Deluxe Edition which includes everything!

    Jump in and take your journey for the throne on the go!

    Armello Released on Android

    Armello is now available worldwide on Google Play after a successful improvement and development cycle through the Android Early Access program. The team is proud to have brought the magic of the full, glorious and gorgeous Armello universe to Android users.

    The Android release brings new minor improvements, optimisations and bug fixes along side a powerful GDPR upgrade giving Armello players more information and control over their data. The same updates are being simultaneously deployed to the current iOS release.

    Armello coming to Nintendo Switch!

    Today we have very exciting news to announce – Armello is coming to Nintendo Switch and is now available for Pre-Order on the Nintendo eShop.

    Our team have poured heart and soul into this version of the game and it’s wonderful.

    Armello on Nintendo Switch will be available in two versions:

    • Armello – the classic game we all love, which includes years of post release updates and content;
    • Armello – Complete Edition, that includes all the DLC at the time of release from the other platforms in one glorious edition and at a discounted bundled price making it the best value and most complete edition of Armello yet.

    We will also offer an upgrade option for players who purchase the base Armello on Nintendo Switch to upgrade to the Armello – Complete Edition.

    The Nintendo Switch is a perfect platform to turn on your friends in multiplayer, in the brutal and beautiful digital board game of Armello.

    Worldwide release will roll out on September 27th, 2018