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League of Geeks is an indie game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2011 we like long walks on the beach, collaborating with the most talented people around, #trailblazing, pushing at the very seams of every medium we work within, creating unforgettable games with bold new worlds that just keep on givin'!

​Plus, we like you. You’re cool. Hang around. Say hi!



Director & Co-Founder

Frontman, boy-wonder, culture cultivator, creative director and word wrangler. Amassing accolades to combat insecurities since 1986



Director & Co-Founder

President Business, bank whisperer, reader of contracts, payer of wages, game designer and Mr Serious.



Director & Co-Founder

Art Director, Artist-wrangler, Cintiq-huncher, Unity-plugger, part time designer & writer, scandalous hermit.


  • Studio Paint Job!

    Our studio grows slicker and more… League of Geeks by the day! The studio is now over 30 people strong, and we decided to give it a little make over.  Enjoy! 

  • 2019 Melbourne International Games Week Recap

    This year’s Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) was the studio’s biggest yet! Here is a little recap of the week’s highlights.   Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) This year GCAP was bigger than ever, extending it’s talks, panel discussions, networking and opportunities over three days! For GCAPs 14th year, the theme was, ‘Lighting the Way’ […]

  • The Dragon Clan DLC is live on Steam!

    Bells toll for Armello’s King, and savage heroes strong in scale and faith return to reclaim their birthright. The Dragon Clan DLC is now live and it stars four, threatening reptilian heroes, and a whole trove of exciting features. Our new scaley heroes are: Volodar, Wormchanter A self proclaimed prophet able to influence sophisticated and […]

  • LoG’s First Annual Winter Feast

    At League of Geeks, we understand the importance of breaking bread with those you’re close with. Yesterday the whole team did just that, in a spectacular fashion We ate, drank and conversed in a setting away from work and spent some quality time with each other, building lasting connections that carry into the workplace and […]


Whether you're interested in joining the team, an internship or completing your year 10 work experience - we'd love to hear from you. Sometimes we can take a while to respond but reach out to us or look at our vacancies here



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