Author Topic: (AAAR) To evade or not to evade  (Read 1291 times)

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(AAAR) To evade or not to evade
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:50:38 PM »
First game : 4 players.

Attempted to use the evade ring in this one and if I ever feel like trying it again without any changes to the evade mechanic, I will probably just uninstall first.

Mid game, I was at 6 prestige, the same level as the lead. The combined force of Sana and Thane made it impossible to go any further with a hand full of useless card that were turned into worm symbol and Amber did not team up with me so I couldn't rush the palace for a 4-stone win. The game continued to head in the same direction and Thane took the win after he routed me because my evade ring forced me to run into the palace wall = dead.

I wish I had gone the trickery build for this game since there were so many chance to snipe the low hp Thane and Sana.

Second game, the Amber took a break. It was a close game because I managed to draw 1 GoT and 2 P&I for the prestige needed. Crime lord and early quests were my only source of money. The map RNG was very bad in this one. The only town I could really get access to was the one in my territory right next to the south palace. (4 tiles). The rest are all the way at the opposite side in Thane's territory to the north. There was no way to gain anymore gold except to explore the dungeon close to Amber's border. if Sana had used the lightning card on Thane instead of me around mid game, the prestige win would have gone to me but because of that, I was behind Thane and he took the lead.

Sana though who was no longer the focus decided to sneak into the palace while everyone was at the opposite side and managed to get in. Thane would have gotten to her in time but I made sure to poison apple him for almost winning so he could do anything in but pray the king also takes Sana down as well. With Bark Body and 2x Mirror image, she took down the king for a win right at the last turn.

Lesson learned:

-Never use the evade ring. Ever.

-With a bunch of useless bounty and king guard cards added, Trickery build is much more troublesome RNG-fest with a lot of drawback now. The odds are no longer in the favor of this build. The map is also not shown before the game begins and if I get the same layout again where 1 settlements is the most I will gain access to (No chance to use talent. Bad gold gain through out the whole game), I'm screwed cause trickery build uses a lot of gold and I want around 2 settlements captured minimum, not one with a chance of bane. I will need to go with a more flexible build in the future until they make changes to the useless cards.


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Re: (AAAR) To evade or not to evade
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2015, 12:17:16 AM »
Indeed, Evade is never the answer, except to cast on the opponent so you can rout them or chase them from the palace.  It should be called Cowardice if the effect isn't somehow improved.