Author Topic: (AAAR) Game was so rigged (AI)  (Read 1423 times)

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(AAAR) Game was so rigged (AI)
« on: February 26, 2015, 05:14:01 PM »
   Decided to do an AAAR for fun but because it was too late (like, 2:40 am for me), I decided to just go with an AI run instead to keep it short. Didn’t expect it to actually be difficult for once.   

   Character : Mercurio
   Ring: +1 gold + 1 prestige on trickery kill
   Trinket: +1 Wit

1st dawn: Thus began the race for the Throne as the sick king was slowly being eaten away by the darkness known as the Rot. Mercurio, the rat with the charm to steal Thane’s heart, began his conquest only to see that Sana of the Bear had already began her ages ago and even had some back up party for her. Probably because she promised the citizen that she would get rid of Global warming for them and that no one vote for me who was aiming to bring the country more oil.

   Amber was in the no1curr zone.

   1st night: Filthy bandit trying to rob me it seems. Little did they know I’m actually letting them rob me on purpose because my current asset is of low quality. A true thief must be able to rob anyone, even himself.


   The pup though, managed to wise up all of a sudden and even earned additional wit this early into the game. The wolf was becoming a threat. (4 wits now)

   2nd dawn: Sana took the support from people to the east and declared that they rob me of my precious money. I added her to the list of people to kill at least 5x this game.


   If I could earn a gold coin every time someone invaded my territory, I will probably have enough to buy the kingdom by now. Poor Thane overstepped it though and had to be punished for it. A true fighter like me certainly wouldn’t resort to fair fights now, would I?


   The people requested my support and decided to send me all the way to Thane’s zone. Sure I like invading his house and his bed but sending me there now was actually a suicide mission because Thane was hating me for what I did to him.

   Meanwhile, Sana. Forever alone to do as she wished.

   2nd Night: Amber and Thane finally got into a fight. Time for me to move!

   Only for him to come after me again anyway. Thane really hated me. Double lover suicide it was.


   3rd Dawn: FILTHY SANA! She gave Thane a treasure! Amber also poisoned me this turn. RIP my political movement for the day.


   Okay, now this pup was a bit way too smart for this game. 5 wits without the +wit trinket.




3rd Night: Thane also poisoned me while at it for the night. A whole day gone. Change of plan. Time to farm. Screw my people.


4th Dawn: Started to look bad. Sana not only had the support of her people but Thane and Amber seemed to be on her side as well.

And their supports were now my supports.


4th night: Nothing interesting tonight. I was still stuck inside my home because moving into Thane’s zone would have him come after my head and my heart.


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Re: (AAAR) Game was so rigged (AI)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 05:16:29 PM »
5th dawn: Haha, Sana. Who’s at the top now?


   5th night: Guess I should go visit the circus and donate to the poor or something while killing my time. Too many useless tools on my hand.

   Punished Thane while at it for refusing to go after Sana. Seriously, Thane, there was more than one target.


   6th Dawn: They seriously were working together. This campaign was so rigged. Thane, again, REFUSED to go after Sana who was right in front of his clan ground and took the longer path to waste all 3 APs. I thought I was going against AIs, not people.


   6th Night: Sana was the one to finally attack Thane. Sana got destroyed though. Shouldn’t have tried that, Sana. You fed Thane so much and now went after him. My eyes were always on Thane from the beginning though so with him low…

   7th dawn: Victory in sight. I rigged the peril ground and had a bunch of Agent closing the door anyway. Summoned the guard back while at it as well, not allowing anyone to go for a dead king victory.


   7th Night: Decided to go against Sana head-on. She wasn’t supposed to be much of a fighter. But then she rolled enough crit to defeat me while I barely did any damage. Sana was obviously cheating. At least I got rid of most my useless cards.


   Meanwhile, Amber. Another night, another death.


   8th Dawn: Sana was a threat once more. Royal flush’d the whole hand away. Just one more day to endure and the kingdom would be mine!


   Farming Thane again. Even the dungeon wasn’t safe from the Plague snipe!


   8th Night: Sana only at one health! I must get rid of all. I had all the advantage to claim the bounty on her head with more dice, 3 health and her having low health. Even burned a night card to guarantee the one damage needed if she failed to roll any defense.

   But then she rigged the fight again and got just enough damage to take me down at the same time.


   9th Dawn: The game was finally over and the throne was mine. Screw you, Sana. Screw you.

AI were way too smart this round and worked together somehow with a lot of rigged crit (They were dealing 7 -8 damage every fight or something to the Bane when Thane was farming) but because I got cursed ground from a quest and 3 agent of misfortune in total with 2 P&I from trickery draw every turn, I could just AFK in my clan ground and still prestige win with a snipe once every 2 turns to further boost my prestige. Gotta love abuses.