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Armello 0.3.0 [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:20:36 PM »
Hey hey hey!

Sorry for a bit of a delay with the build notes, we launched Armello earlier this morning and have been pretty busy at LoG HQ!

The very first Early Access build v0.3.0 has arrived on Steam! This one is visually AMAZING with a whole new front end and card gallery.

We've also added some new Multiplayer features including a restructure of the Private and Public Lobby. Given that we are now public on Steam we hope that there will be an increased change of finding games!

There are many changes, so check them out.
Jump in take a look around and breathe in the beauty of Armello.

  • Front End:
    • The Title screen has undergone a total overhaul.
    • Card Gallery: A place to view the cards you have found in-game.
  • New Hero Power animations:
    • Amber fearlessly explores dungeons.
    • Mercurio flaunts his stolen gold when stealing a settlement.
    • Thane recklessly attacks after burning Sword symbols
    • Sana's animation is COMING SOON, so stay tuned
  • Multiplayer: We've done a full restructure of the way Multiplayer works, we still have lots to do but our first iteration is ready! There are now three sections:
    • Ranked: this is "Coming Soon" and will be released during future builds.
    • Public: this is for you to queue with random players (and potential new friends!)
    • Private: this is for you to set up a lobby to play with your Steam friends
  • Tile Highlighter system has been overhauled:
    • Now accurately displays movement options.
    • Hovering over cards now displays their playable range and targets.
    • Now includes Action Point range
  • Improved Sana’s combat particle effect.
  • Exploring Dungeon’s during the day now have a lower chance of finding a Bane.
  • AI Improvements:
    • AI now stands in place while Drawing Cards, Questing etc, this is for a better gameplay and overall look more like human players
    • AI now know not to play cards such as Witch Hunter or Cat Burglar on heroes that will not be affected.
  • Card Balance Changes:
    • Hot Rot Wine (Item) gold cost reduced to 1 from 2
    • Woodsman’s Cloak (Item) gold cost reduced to 1 from 2
    • War Horn (Item) gold cost reduced to 1 from 2
    • Tanglevine (Spell) Peril Rating increased to 3 from 2
    • Wyld’s Warning (Spell) Card symbol changed to a Wyld and the Magic Cost reduced to 2 from 3
    • Slanderous Toads (Trickery) Peril Rating increased to 3 from 2
    • Mercenaries (Trickery) can now be played to Plains
    • Rangers (Trickery) gold cost reduced from 2 Gold to 1
    • Strategist Card (Trickery) symbol changed to Sword and gold cost reduced to 2 from 3
    • Cat Burglar (Trickery) target reduced to Settlements
    • Vile Official (Trickery) Peril Rating increased to 3 from 2
    • Hidden Trap (Trickery) Peril Rating increased to 3 from 2
  • CommStack (a new Communication Stack to visualise what's happening) added to the bottom-right hand area of the screen:
    • When a player has perished in-game (outside of combat or perils).
    • When a battle has finished (also showing if any of the combatants have perished).
    • When a player has failed a peril.
    • When a player plays a card to another player.
  • Chat System: We now have an in game Chat Tree system to communicate with other players! It's still very much a placeholder and we have a lot more to work on it.
    • Can send messages to one or all of the other players in game
  • New Cards:
    • Lightning Strike (Spell): Play on - Any Hex; -3 Health and Ends targets Turn
    • Glamour (Spell): Play on - Hero; Steal 1 Card randomly from their Hand
    • Feral (Spell): Play on - Hero; +2 Fight and -1 Wits until the end of your next Turn
    • Wyld Born (Spell): Play on - Hero; +5 Magic next time you enter a Stone Circle
  • Status Feed:
    • Cards and Heroes now have mouse-over tooltips.
    • Heroes are now colour coded
    • Clicking on Heroes' name now focus’ the camera accordingly
  • Card Validation text improvements:
    • Implemented text for if a player attempts to play a peril to a hex that already has one
    • Validation text now updates when the target changes state
  • Overall lighting improvements

Bug Fixes
  • Numerous significant improvements have been made to the stability of gameflow in both Single Player and Multiplayer. Please let us know if you run into any situation where the gameflow is breaks and you cannot proceed.
  • Items removed from the hero shelf no longer have a chance to appear stuck to all players inventories. - Reported by SpiritFox and many more
  • Spirit tooltip now correctly states that it determines Spell card range.
  • Cleaned up the ordering of multiple events on a single tile, (eg. Quest and Peril on a Dungeon tile) resolving issues such as failing a Banish (Spell) Peril causes quests to resolve from a distance. - Reported by Spectral Wolf
  • The Front End menu is now more accommodating for 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions.
  • Multiplayer games can no longer be started with just one human player.
  • Resolved an issue where the screen blur effect was not correctly dismissing. - Reported by SonikBoomTube
  • The cursor can no longer interact with off-screen elements when playing in windowed mode.
  • Prestige loss is no longer broadcasted in the Status Feed if the Hero has no Prestige to lose.
  • Amulet Tray can no longer be dragged completely off-screen.
  • Resolved an issue where some cards were not correctly displaying the artist’s name.
  • Resolved a bug where playing Wake the Trees (Spell) on yourself would only cause one card to be dismissed.
  • Spawning a Bane through Dungeon exploration will now correctly interrupt quest interaction.
  • Resolved an issue with Thane’s leg briefly clicking out of place during his run animation.
  • Cursor based tooltips now correctly appear next to the cursor, rather than underneath.
  • The cursor is now correctly generated on game launch when playing in windowed mode.
  • Spirit stones correctly appear on Hero portraits during the dawn summary when more than four are obtained.
  • Health gain while Doctor is equipped now appears as one lump sum in the overhead icon rather than separate icons.
  • Birds no longer fly through the King’s Castle.
  • Sana’s Amethyst ring now gives Prestige with magic kills - Reported by Jyacobo
  • Typo Fixes:
    • Thane’s quest: "she relieves of your gold and disappears" - Reported by Adorath(AGOT)
    • Thane’s quest: “Before you, the fox thief stands before you” - Reported by Yoshimon1
    • Amber’s quest: “Perhaps commandin from the hill” - Reported by Admiral Tori
    • Amber’s quest: “"...ask sellsword about travelling sellsword..."  Reported by NG and others
    • Amber’s quest: “call out the the area..." - Reported by Iron Kaiser
    • Amber’s quest: “circl” - Reported by Iron Kaiser and others
    • Sana’s quest: “masssage” - Reported by OmenofthePhoenix
    • Sana’s quest: "put it to the earth so that the vultures cannot feast on this carcus." - Reported by Nomlette
    • Mercurio’s quest: “icycles” - Reported by Grendelblick and others
    • Dungeon typo: "your wittier than you thought" - Reported by MrSchnitzel

Known Issues
Remember, be sure to keep an eye out for issues marked with *Details needed!* and should you encounter one of these issues, please contact us with details either through the in-game Bug Sender or our Early Access Bugs forum page.

Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the client to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • VSync mode isn't being saved - you'll have to re-set your desired VSync option when you load the game again (if it isn't the default).
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • When playing with multiple monitors, full screen will always occur on your first monitor. - Reported by menieuport
  • The Esc key does not correctly dismiss the in-game settings menu. - Reported by DonL
  • The cursor can click through the Game Guide onto other menu options, careful not to exit your game! - Reported by sandor.clegane
  • The majority of quest content is placeholder and many quest rewards are unbalanced. Quests will be undergoing a significant overhaul soon.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • Cards may linger on screen for a few seconds if played during other Character’s turns. - Reported by Iron Kaiser
  • New entries to the Status Feed may cause unwanted scrolling.
  • Status Feed hovering tooltips protrude through the combat/peril screens.
  • Stolen/discarded cards may appear on-screen indefinitely.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has not yet been implemented.
  • Text may briefly appear overlapped in the Status Feed.

  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.
  • If a player leaves a Multiplayer session the game will end for all players.
  • Players may appear to run across the map when engaging in the Portal outcome from Exploring.

Card Specific:
  • Banish (Spell) card animation may play multiple times.
  • Cursed Lands (Spell) has no visualisation.
  • Lightning Strike (Spell) played directly to heroes may cause that hero to start their turn with no Action Points.
  • Agent of Misfortune (Trickery) has no visualisation.
  • Game of Thorns (Trickery) animation is placeholder.
  • Cards stolen by Wandering Circus (Trickery) appear overlapped when received. - Reported by TofuFox[/li
  • If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
    • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
    • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
    • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
    • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • Quest Banners intersect awkwardly with each other and some characters such as Banes.
  • The Blizzard (Spell) lighting animation is not reliably dismissing.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).v
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • Characters may appear to battle charge in an incorrect direction if engaging in consecutive combats.
  • The King’s Castle may remain invisible if the cursor simultaneously interacts with other UI elements.
  • Clouds may appear with odd lighting
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before a burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • Palace Perils incorrectly contain the text “Play to 0” and have a gold price.
  • New Prestige Leader announcement clashes with 4 x Spirit Stone announcement.
  • Clan Banners around claimed settlements are facing the wrong direction.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • Holding eight or more cards may obscure the character portrait and action points.
  • Some Amulets appear half off screen on the Rings/Amulets screen.
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.

  • The main soundtrack may restart after engaging in tutorials and perils - Reported by Kobb
As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.
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Re: Armello 0.3.0 [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2015, 05:23:14 AM »
I'll just say, I absolutely adore the new title screen. Simply beautiful :).
...what could possibly go wrong?


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Re: Armello 0.3.0 [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2015, 09:45:59 AM »
I'll just say, I absolutely adore the new title screen. Simply beautiful :).
I know right, it brings the experience into another level!
I didnt play this game for a few weeks,  and I just feel amazed with the current build.
I am glad that this game is progressing so fast :P
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Re: Armello 0.3.0 [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2015, 11:02:56 AM »
Thanks! There's more to come!  ;D