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Aesthetic Suggestions
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:19:16 AM »
First off, let me just say that Armello is a beautiful game. A huge part of what convinced me to join in the Kickstarter was the superb aesthetic quality of the game. The 2d art, the 3d models, the music and the all-around creative vision were really something else. I love where Armello is at already, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Here are a few suggestions for the feel of Armello:

1. Right now, I don't think that rot feels like the corruption it's supposed to be. The Banes and the King are appropriately dark, but the characters don't feel like they're going down a dark path as they fall into rot. Part of this I think is a mechanics issue (I don't think Rot has a large enough, negative enough, or defining enough impact on the overall gameplay to match the concept), but part of this is stylistic. For example, I think that there could be a subtle, ominous theme that plays whenever a player gains rot (loses to a Bane, plays a rot card, gains rot in a quest, etc.). Also, I think it would be neat if the character portraits changed over the course of gaining rot. The portraits could become more suspicious or aggressive-looking, and the tell-tale signs of rot that appear on the King could begin to show on the character's portrait. Maybe some things could even change on the 3d model as rot increases, but I think the musical and portrait changes alone would make a huge impact.

2. Victory, and the victory screen, could use some spicing up. First, it'd be neat if each character had a victory animation when they slay the king/reach game end (for that matter, a victory animation that would play at the end of each battle would be pretty neat, too). Thane victoriously thrusting his sword skyward, Mercurio chuckling as he balances his knife on-end, Amber playing with her umbrella after sarcastically curtsying, or Sana waving her wand as magic glitters and sparks about - there's a lot of untapped opportunity for the character's personality to come through even stronger than it already does, with a small end-game and/or post-battle animation. Likewise, I think on the victory screen, it'd be neat to have some different character portraits. At most, it'd be neat to have different kinds of portraits based on the manner of victory, presence or absence of rot, etc. But at the least, I think each character should have a happy victory portrait, with the crown atop their head, and a sad defeated portrait. That alone would add a lot to the current victory screen.

3. Honorable mention to jejelafrime's thread about the spirit stone victory needing an appropriately magical animation, and Falkner's Victory narration idea. The former is absolutely essential, and the later is a neat idea, and both helped inspire this thread.

That's all I've got right now. Are there any art, music, or feel suggestions anyone else might like to share? What do you think about these ideas?


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Re: Aesthetic Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 12:08:48 AM »
Im glad you brought up the rot issue :) Rot is currently being reworked and it will definitely start to do damage putting you on the same corrupted path as the king. Ouch. 

I also agree that there need to be more animations specific to the player however this is still Beta. LoG has a long road to come! That said who knows how much pressure they are under right now so I really appreciate all your suggestions! Lets hope they get implemented! Thanks Kaiser.