Author Topic: The Winter Wolf and the Howling Arrow: A 3-Part Thane/River Fanfic  (Read 59 times)

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I've always kind of shipped Thane and River ever since discovering that River explicitly calls out Thane in her 'Boast' emote. After many delays due to pure laziness, I've since penned down two of the three parts I intend to write for my story.

Part 1: Stargazing

This tale is set many years before the King's madness becomes apparent to all and matters of succession became the concern of the day. A young Thane, still a cub, has something he believes might impress a certain future Ranger.

Part 2: Sunset

This tale is set right before the events of the prologue and after the events of the novella. Unhappy circumstances come into play and will ultimately force the two childhood friends apart.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Pack Strong! OwO