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Armello Fan Comic
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:06:47 PM »
I'm working on an Armello fan comic in my spare time, and I was wondering if there are any actions I need to take to ensure there are no legal troubles between me, the artists and writers of Armello, and League of Geeks themselves. Any tips? The characters from Armello will be in the comic, but they won't be the main focus, but the concept of Armello and the world, including the Wyld and Rot, will be used extensively. The comic is going to be following a new, small cast of characters, with hints and battles of some of the characters from the game, along with mentions of their clans. I may also be making my own history of the world as it will be in an alternate universe where someone else is king of Armello. Any and all help will be appreciated, thank you!