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« on: April 25, 2018, 05:29:19 PM »
[edited] I've got issues with the commendation system at the end of each multiplayer game.
Quite often there are pretty selfish players, who realize that they cannot benefit themselves and so they see no reason to give a commendation to other players. It also happens that people 'quit-rage' during game, so they turn into an AI/ non-player character and those are not able to give commendations. So in the end of the game session one or two votes were missing and it's nearly impossible for anybody to achieve a star this way.

In result it means that the FAIR players are the ones who have to endure the consequences of the misbehaviors of unfair players!!!

I cannot see why this behavior should be supported by the system/ game, but it does.

It's easy to fix that! The human players have enough time for their commendation. When the time is over then the player who didn't give away their commendation would see a coin spinning on their screen, showing the remaining human players on it (like when the player with The Stranger ends their turn next to other heroes, you see the same kind of coin) and the system gives their commendation to one random human player. If they do not want that to happen, then they could just make the decision on their own, it's easy and costs nothing!
The other players cannot see that there was a coin spinning. They only see who receives the commendation.
Additionally: The quit-raged non-player should also give their commendations randomly. But they were the last ones so that the human players are not influenced by the random decision of the AI.

I don't want a system where the winner of the game automatically receives all these commendations. They already win a star for "Win". They surely could deserve another one, but again: It has to be random! Also it doesn't guarantee that any star will be won, because it's still possible that every person only got one commendation in the end. Chances of wasting stars are just lower.

Even more important: I want no punishment system! People shouldn't be forced to give away their commendation. In another thread I saw the idea of taking away stars for not-voting or such, but that'd be even worse than the current issue.

I know that people will tell me that you can gain more stars without playing well this way and that you were not worth of receiving commendations if no player was there to decide on it. But that is definitely not true. The people made their decision to not vote, so it all was human decision! Maybe add a 'warning' that tells that the commendation will be given away randomly if they do not decide within the given time limit. Problems solved! Also: How often do you play a game session and you are really playing fabulously and no one cares, because people are selfish and not willing to give away stars to another person but themselves (if they could)? How often did it happen that you did not gain the star you should have gained for your work and good playing? Adding random commendations doesn't compensate the loss, it only reduces the frustration. It only creats an illusion of fairplay within the community even when there is none.

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Re: Commendations
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2018, 01:39:41 AM »
 :D I like your idea. It also makes up for those times when a player’s game acts up at the end so that they can’t give a commendation within the time period. That frustrates me, too. (Or for people who play a multiplayer game for the first time and don’t know about the commendation system until the very end - that was me. Fortunately, I figured it out in time to click on the star  ;D  )


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Re: Commendations
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2018, 06:13:24 PM »
Rad idea, Punktepfuscher! Like it very much, though it might need some programming...
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