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Other Games - Info and Promo for Solar Warden
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:11:13 AM »
So hey everyone!

Some of you might already have seen my posts over in the Artisans Alley of the various pieces of Armello Fan Art I've produced. I'm not sure I mentioned it anywhere, but some of you might have guessed I do artwork for a living, including design and illustration work for games studios here and there.

Now, I asked permission before putting this up here and so should you if you ever promo something. Anyone who intends to promo should at least have the common sense and courtesy to ask before posting stuff up on somebody elses board - just saying :b

Anywho ; what I'm getting at - it's very likely that most of us on this board don't only play one (type of) game, but many varied genres and titles. So for all those of you interested, I have been attached to the development of the title Solar Warden for the last year or so, a Space Shooter/RTS Crossover that's going on Kickstarter today!

The Game is inspired by titles like Freelancer, Descent, XCOM and Homeworld, and aims to combine the spirit of these games with modern technology in a unique fusion of genres.

Previous Accomplishments of the Solar Warden development team include the Award-Winning Mechwarrior: Living Legends, as well as a combined 20 years of games industry experience.

The link to the Kickstarter is here:

The developers are also talking to the community on real time on their Discord, and are happy to answer any questions you have!

If you're not the type to hop into new communities easily (guilty as charged right here), I will also be in charge of responding to interested parties right here on the board and we are all hoping for lots of corespondence and opinions, because that's what helps a developing title grow!

So check it out, let us know what you think and ifit's down your alley, drop us a bit of funding to make this happen :)

Cheers to y'all!