Author Topic: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]  (Read 494 times)

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Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« on: March 24, 2018, 03:42:02 AM »
Build Number: 
Not sure how to find this on iOS... But I'm running the most recent version available on the app store (1.7 it looks like).

 iPhone 7 [iOS]

Thus far I have only attempted to play single player games.
For the first 10 games or so, I was able to complete challenges from all 3 of the challenge columns. However for the past few days I have been unable to complete any of the challenges from the third column. I still appear to be making progress on the challenges in the first two columns, and each subsequent win still seems to be increasing my progress on the '...Happily Ever After' challenge from the third column, however none of the other challenges from that column seem to working.

For example, I've purchased a couple of new heroes, and upon winning with them the progress of the Sprint challenge in the first column appropriately updated to 6/8. Also all of the clan challenges in the middle column continue to progress forward. However over the past few days I've completed a number of challenges from the third column that have not as of yet been marked as completed, nor awarded to me.

A few of those include:
 - Missing Shadow: Finish a game with Zosha having never been revealed at Night.
 - The Wisper: Win a game with Zosha of the Rat Clan (which I've accomplished at least a few times)
 - Mistrial: Play Reprieve on yourself the same turn you receive a Bounty.
 - Thunder Dome: Play Lightning Strike to a Hero standing on a Palace Tile.
 - I am the Law: Defeat four or more King's Guards in a single game.
 - Art of War: Win a game of Armello without dying.
 - Baned-Aid: Heal a Bane.
 - All-Seeing Eye: Have the Spy Glass and Sailor's Lantern Equipped at the same time.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it's kind of disappointing to play a game with the intention to accomplish a specific challenge, pull it off, and then not receive the achievement for it...

Also, on an unrelated note, the UI assets for both the Dungeon Deal and Dark Temptation challenges appear to be missing or broken. When scrolling through the challenges and arriving on either one of those, the challenge's Icon will be missing, and it will then cause all of the rest of the challenge icons in that column to disappear.

Repro Steps:
Just win a game with Zosha and see if it marks that challenge as completed for you or not.
For the second issue, just open up the challenges and scroll through the third column until arriving on either Dungeon Deal or Dark Temptation.


Lisy Kane

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Re: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 04:29:06 PM »
Hi Spence84,

Thanks very muchly for the detailed report.

Do you play Armello online, offline or a bit of both? Were these achievements / challenges done while online?


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Re: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2018, 05:43:00 PM »
I have the same bug with achievements (iPhone SE)
It’s online or offline.
It’s the same thing with uptade (29th march)

 Other bug : this morning I have all rings in challenge menu and market but I don't have all rings in characters choice menu

Example :

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Re: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2018, 04:20:46 PM »
Also on the IOS version I found that after purchasing the Spoil badge, before winning a Rot victory, I am unable to get credit for the Rotvictory. Twice now I’ve beaten the king with more Rot than him without taking a single wound. It has the graphical indication of the purple rot draining from the king and being drawn to my character as he is crowned, but I never get the achievement.


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Re: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2018, 02:38:57 AM »
Have the same bug,especially true for the 3rd tab achievements. Always play online. Play on an iPhone 6S
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Re: Not receiving Challenges/Achievements earned in-game [iOS]
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2018, 07:28:17 PM »
This problem still exists in English on iPhone SE ios v11.4.1 (beta).

Any chance we wil see an update soon? I am holding off buying a window 10 version until the bug is resolved. I haven’t seen an update in a LONG time.