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The White Lion Company
« on: March 05, 2018, 08:44:38 AM »
Hey everyone!
This is my first post and I wanted to make it interesting. I've been playing Armello for a few months now and I love it. I love Board Games and the universe of Armello is so cool that I had to design a clan.
I posted this idea on reddit, when someone suggested a Cat clan. A Cat clan is definitely not a bad idea but I think a ''Foreign clan'' would be better. In this case: The White Lion Company.
The WLC is a mercenary company led by Alan, another young exiled lion prince. Given the state of Armello, the Young prince has decided that he must rule it and, with the help of his partners, will try to seize the throne for himself.

The rings, with no names because I have no idea what they could be, are these (in the order shown):
- You never retreat.
- In combat, first rolled wyld counts as a defense.
- +1 to your highest stat when on a settlement (if two are the same, then the one that got there first, if they are the same, then the one at the left, I guess).
- Starting your turn on a stone circle with full health will cure 1 rot.
- +1 Spirit for every 3/4 prestige (Depends on balance).

Now the heroes.

Alan, the Young Prince.
   4            5          3          4
Fight  Body  Wits  Spirit
I have three possibilites for what his ability could be. In bold it's my favorite:
The Hero's journey:
1.- After finishing a Quest, you get +1 AP.
2.- After finishing a Quest, you get +1 AP. You can also inmediately pick a new Quest.
3.- Succeeding on a Quest will give you twice the stats.

So, this is supposed to represent, obviously, Tau's journey all over again, I like bonus 2 because it actually feels like you have a progression, following the steps of the Hero's Journey. In that way, narratively makes sense. The first version of it is too mild to be too useful, in my opinion, so the second version of it feels better, unless there's something I'm missing.
The bonus itself is NOT that strong, but we must remember that this bonus means that you can interact with the king as soon as you succeed in getting inside the castle. Also, well, everybody else will know that as well.
The third bonus is actually a nice bonus, but there's a few issues:
If just question would give you twice the stats, it would be OP, so it must be when you succeed.
In the state I wrote it up there, it would mean that is actually better most of the time not to take any chance and just go the safe way, which would be against the spirit of the game.
A third option would be to only get twice the stats if you succeed AND if you took the chance, but that would be, then, just too specific and it wouldn't feel right at all.
That's why I think n.2 is the best choice.
Also, well, the hero is, of course, a white lion, armed with a sword and wearing a cape.

Second hero:
Zobakh, the Chosen of the River.
    3           6          4           3
Fight  Body  Wits  Spirit
Swamp swimmer: Instead of losing Health, standing on a swamp will give you +1 Health and Stealth.

This hero is pretty efficient, since she can freely move around the map and have a pretty nice Health economy. Considering her Wits and Spirit, the -1 rot ring would be pretty useful on him if she wants to snipe enemy heroes around the map. Also, in order to keep her competitive in combat, one must play smart around Swamps to ambush the opponent as much as possible. Zobakh is armed with a Halberd.

Third hero:
Dheigh, the Scourge of the Rot.
    5           6          3          2
Fight  Body  Wits  Spirit
Fire and fury: Dheigh can't capture settlements. Instead, when entering a peacefull settlement, Dheigh will terrorise it, automatically gaining +2/+3 Gold (depends on balance) and +1 Rot.
Dheigh is a Yak, fashioned like Genghis Khan and armed with an Axe/Hammer (Doesn't really matter as long as it is a big weapon). His style is pretty brutal and straightforward: you take down towns and you get money and rot. The downside is that you will get almost no income unless you're sacking settlement and that you will probably give your enemies a lot of prestige from rescuing your settlements. There's a couple of rings, like the never retreat and the +1 die on settlements that can help him keep the settlements terrorised and keep the enemy heroes in line.

Now, I have two more heroes but I think both work, so there's room to pick from.

Tiffany, the Grass Singer.
    4           4          5           3
Fight  Body  Wits  Spirit
Sweet melody of death: In combat, Swords and Reflects have Poison.
High wits and decent fighting capabilities. She's certainly a burner and, when efficiently equipped, a hero nobody would want to attack. Considering that, I'd say she's very well suited for a Spirit Stone victory and even a Rot victory, if done right. She's armed with a lance, grabbed by the tail.

Balthazar, the Speaker of the Trees.
     3          4          4           5
Fight  Body  Wits  Spirit
Owl senses: -1 AP during day. Scout and +1 AP during night.

Pretty straightforward but extremely useful. This guy is fast and, considering spirit stones appear at night, an excellent candidate for a spirit stone victory. Also a very solid sniper. With the Spirit on Influence ring, he could also become a pretty powerful Influence victory hero, since the higher you are, the more powerful you become. No idea how he would look like. He might carry a staff.

Anyway, the two last heroes are not really good, because their abilities come basically just from the fact that they are, well, a snake and an owl, but I still think they would be fun heroes to play as.
Tell me what you think :P
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