Author Topic: Backed Armello, but Don't Have Access to the Backer-Only Forums? Don't Stress.  (Read 3307 times)

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Trent Kusters

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So, you backed the game, but... you don't have access to the backer-only forums.

Now, some would think that this is the time to panic, to get crazy, to set some shit on fire. Perhaps it is. Except that it isn't. Yayyyy!

There are two things that could be happening here...
1. You're a Kickstarter Backer.
  • If this is you, it's simple. Just make sure you registered on the forums with the same email address that you backed Armello on Kickstarter with. Then, wait a minimum of one hour. Voila! You will now have Backer privileges on the forums.
You're a Slacker Backer.
  • If this is you, it's not as simple, but still easy. Every week we update the forums with the Slacker Backer email addresses we get from Humble Bundle. Once this is done, you'll have backer privileges. If you simply can't wait, who knows, if you ask and you're nice enough we might update them just for you.

That's it.

But wait, I registered with the wrong email! Will the rapture come and purge me from the Earth? Am I forever banished to hell and will thus never know the sweet, sweet glory of a life with backer privileges?

No, gentle pilgrim. Calm yourself. You simply need to go to your profile and change your email address there. Then wait the period of time outlined above.

Hope that helps clear things up. Post here or send an email to admin(at)leagueofgeeks(dot)com if you still need help with your backer status. 




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To clarify: if we don't attach our Kickstarter/Backer e-mail address to Armello, we won't be given Backer status?

I keep personal e-mail (newsletters, games, etc) and 'important' e-mail (work, throwing money at Kickstarter campaigns, etc) separate- is there any way I can gain Backer status with a different e-mail address? e.g. Could I send an e-mail from my KS e-mail address to get Backer status?
Ducks? :(

Lisy Kane

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Hey Seventeen,

Totally - can you please PM me and confirm your Kickstarter details?