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New Merchant Cards
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:42:11 AM »
Hello Armellians!

I am sure you are all very excited for the 2.0 updates.  I know I am!  The devs have decided to kick off this series of updates with a bang by not only introducing new cards but also a new keyword.  For those who haven’t seen the new keyword, playing a merchant card to a settlement will bring a merchant to the city on the next turn.  Everyone who enters the city gets the effect of the card.  The 2 cards the developers are adding provide followers and treasure cards but I think this could be used for some other cards.  These are my suggestions for other cards that would use the merchant keyword.

Aaron the Arms Dealler
Symbol: Sword
Cost: 4 gold
Effect: next dawn/dusk a merchant arrives and gives 3 additional swords in your next combat encounter

Shady Smuggler
Symbol: Moon
Cost: 4 gold
Effect: until next dawn/dusk a merchant arrives that grants stealth until the end of the next turn.

House doctor
Symbol: Wyld
Cost 4 gold
Effect: until next dawn/dusk a merchant arrives that heals all hp until the end of the turn

Veteran Swordsman
Symbol: sword
Cost: 3 gold
Effect: until next dawn/dusk a merchant arrives that turns all the symbols in your hand into swords

These are just a couple examples of other ways the merchant ability could be used.  Perhaps the devs tried stuff like this out and found that it doesn’t work for whatever reason.  As much as I like the new cards they are essentially the same thing, and these could add some other effects to the merchant mechanic.
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