Author Topic: Unique short cutscenes for each character upon getting an annihilation!  (Read 622 times)

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I love Armello, as I'm sure everyone here does. New content is being added constantly that always keeps me on the hook, and makes we want to come back for one more game (which winds up being three or four :P).

Recently I won a game with Fang by annihilating the King in a rot victory. Victory is sweet, but I got to thinking: gee, it's not everyday you get such a sweeping win. I was thinking about what kind of thing would make such a feat even more impressive, and I came up with an idea that I can't help but get all giddy and excited about: Cutscenes!

Here's the idea: Whenever a player gets an Annihilation kill (10+ Overkill in combat, for those who aren't aware,) it would trigger a short cutscenes unique to each character, in the style of the animation used for the game introduction and trailers. It wouldn't have to be more than a few seconds long, but be just long enough to really feel like a badass.

Now, you might be asking: what would adding this accomplish? Well, it can do a multitude of things at once! A short cutscene would allow developers to expand upon each hero's sense of identity, and shape their personalities (I'll list some ideas below!). In addition, triggering a cutscene would be a pat on the back for the player, conveying the message to them: "Holy cow! Look at what you just pulled off! That's impressive! Great job!" Overall, it adds a real feel-good moment for a player in the game, and perhaps softens the sting of their victims defeat, as they get to watch something incredibly badass as well.

All of these cutscenes would be viewed from the first-person perspective of the victim. Here are some ideas I've had floating around in my head as for what some character's cutscenes would look like:

  • For Fang, the cutscene would start with him howling  at the moon, then going absolutely berserk as he slashes his axes at you, then closes the cutscene and returns to the board with a nasty bite.
  • For Sana, her staff would glow with the spirit of the wild, as she uses it to blast you away in a tremendous wave of magic.
  • For Twiss, the squirrely bandit would leap out from behind you, stab you with her dagger, then watch you crumple to the ground from the wound, as she mocks you by dangling your coinpurse in front of you before fleeing (brownie points if the transition back to the board is her swiping the scene away with her tail as she turns around!)
  • For Horace, you would be viewing the scene sideways as you lay on an executioner's block, while Horace is escorted by a convoy of King's guards, and promptly executes you with a swing of his greataxe.
  • For Barnaby, he would pull out his anvil and step on top of it for a little boost  (there's a short joke around here somewhere), and then proceeds to chuck a barrage of Shining Steel Swords, Battle Axes, and War Hammers at you.

I've got a lot more ideas, but this is just a sampling of what they might look like. They would be something that adds a little personality to each character, and gives the player a real sense of pride and accomplishment.

Now, I know that making animations for 20 characters, and more down the road, isn't exactly a swift and easy task, and I can certainly understand if that isn't something we'd expect to see in update 2.0, but hopefully in the near future such a feature could be implemented.

Let me know what you guys think!!
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Re: Unique short cutscenes for each character upon getting an annihilation!
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 02:02:57 AM »
Anything with more Armello Art is awesome.  Unfortunately, it's also super EXPENSIVE, like 1000$ a second from when the Dev's last mentioned such details.  The cut-scenes we got for the launch and DLC trailers are covered by a special Australian government grant that can only be used on "Marketing materials" i.e. those cut-scenes.  Paying their animation contractors thousands of dollars for a rarely seen feature isn't going to be sound financially. 

Getting awesome cut-scenes for victory states has been a long request, but even though a victory happens every game, it still would cost more than makes sense.


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Re: Unique short cutscenes for each character upon getting an annihilation!
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2018, 10:08:01 AM »
The way you describe Barnaby's sounds like this...

Though truth be told, if the Armello characters did have Mystic Artes, I imagine this would be Barnaby's...