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Political Ideas For The Game!
« on: December 27, 2017, 01:53:02 PM »
I would like to say first that I love Armello's gameplay  and these are just some of mine ideas about the game I want to share with the community and hopefully to some devs too ;3. Also, I am not a "lore" fan, so i dont know if the following below ideas are in line with the story, I only know the king is dying and 4 heroes from their clans are trying to take the throne. So, if you want to help me fit the ideas in the lore I will welcome your suggestions. I am going to devide all my ideas in various parts so this thread is not going to be a complete mess! (and sorry for my grammar but english is not my first language whoops)

1(INTRODUCTION OF THE IDEA)- Well, this one that exites me the most. I love how armello works right now, so this feature is only for making people feel more into a living world and add more strategy without even touching the gameplay. Currently the game takes place in a kingdom that is going through a dark period. We know thanks to history that weak kingdoms are targeted by their neighbors, so would be nice to implement geopolitical elements here as well!

2(THE IDEA)- First of all, obviously all the action will happen through the Armello kingdom, and the map will still be for the Armello world only, but these countries are able to influence our world and heroes and we can communicate with them and influence their decisions over our kingdom as well. We heroes must work together to help our kingdom against their threats while at the same time continuing  racing for the king title, probably adding a new dimension to the strategic side of the game and maybe feeling more Armellians! Obviously manipulating the geopolitical side of the game and reacting to its effects can give us bonuses and maluses for our race to the king title

3(HOW I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT)- I would add 2 other kingdoms, with 2 kings. Maybe these 2 kings and the armello king could be brothers, maybe not. One of the 2 nations is interested in taking advantage of our country situation by interfering with economical-trading plans and heroes can take advantage of this or try to go against their plans. The other country would be more into oppresing us, probably even INVADING US! and heroes with guards are supposed to defend the king and his kingdom, a lot of stuff could be happening during this moment of the game. (other stuff will be included in the next sections, since its about other ideas as well)


1(INTRODUCTION OF THE IDEA)- Honestly the feature of prestige and choosing laws was the trigger for this one. Its just about adding new politic roles, but its also about how we do it that can make it amazing. I think that if organized in the right way, this feature would add a "personality" to our kingdom and make the players feel like they are the future of Armello and members of the society. I will also relate to the Kingdoms idea to make something more synergizing and exciting.

2(THE IDEA)- Long story short it's about adding other political positions other than prestige leader. Each role is achiveable in his own way and will allow people to take decisions about problems related to their roles, like the minister of culture takes care of culture topics for example.
3(HOW I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT)- I would add 2 new positions other than prestige leader (that i would call Prime Minister or something): 1-Minister of economy, 2-Minister of defence. Let's say i have various ideas on how to organize this but In all versions  the Prime Minister will be the same thing of the good old prestige leader. The Minister of economy is achiveable with the quantity of merchant points you have. these points could be a math stat determined by settlements, trickery perils and gold under your hero. The elections are just as the good old prestige leader. The Minister of economy will be a lot in touch with the kingdom with economic plans. The Minister of defence on the other side could be achiveable through something like "kingdom defense points" that is calculated by the quantity of banes killed, settlements rescued, claimed bounties, your fugitive status, guards killed, guards attacked and stones collected. The elections of this role are just as the other 2. This minister will be a lot in touch with the kingdom that wants to oppress Armello. The 2 kind of ministers by the way are not a way of victory, only the prime minister can become king if the old one dies of illness. You can have multiple roles at the same time and prestige still works in the old way too, so if you kill a guard for example you lose prestige and "kingdom defense points", or if you rescue a settlement you gain merchant points (cause you own a settlement), prestige and kingdom defense points, or if you kill a hero with bounty you gain prestige and "kingdom defense points".


1(IDEA INTRODUCTION)- not really much to describe, armello simply risks a defensive war!

2(THE IDEA)- this would be a very good example of a cooperation feature between heroes in the game, they all want to win so they have to cooperate to save armello and make sure they are still in the race to win the king throne. The war process in a nutshell: troops will appear on the side of the map and they will move each turn towards our king and we have to stop them!

3(HOW I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT)- Of course this is related to the kingdom that wants to oppress us. The Minister of the defence will be the main one in charge with the contacts with this kingdom. It's up to the player to decide to try to avoid war or try to push for it, but still doesnt mean if he tries to go for a peaceful scenario they wont declare war for sure, Armello is cool because there are things you can't control, just like in real life. The process of the declaration of war is simple: there is going to be a trigger bar or something, where the game shows how much hostility there is between the 2 kingdoms. the more filled the bar is, the higher the chance of getting attacked is. Each turn the current Minister of defense will have to face a request (or anything) from the other kingdom, and according on how he respond to the request, there will be an effect on Armello and a variation of the friction between the our kingdom and the oppressing one. Sometimes the oppressing country will contact the Minister of economy too and he will be the one facing their requests. Some decisions will influence all kingdoms as well. if they declare war on us and they successfully kill  our king all the players lose the game and it's game over.

FOURTH IDEA: THE COMMERCIAL KINGDOM (i'm actually tired typing at this point so i'm gonna be short over this idea and edit it once im back with my energy xd)

1(IDEA INTRODUCTION)- this is the kingdom that influence the economy of Armello. Noticing how weak our kingdom is lately, they want to gain as much resources as possible in the meantime and put ourselves in the chaos

2(THE IDEA)- This kingdom will actually play a lot with settlements and corruption (maybe corruption, I am not sure). They will give to our heroes extra tasks, giving us rewards by completing them as well (such as items, settlements claims, prestige, corruption, stones etc etc..), the more influence they have, the more tasks heroes will receive. If they get too much influence in our nation, there will be a lot of casualities that will make life into Armello a hell. That's their plan: corrupt us and keep us weak! (they will not be able to make game over tho, just make our journey much harder). Anyway if the players keep this kingdom enough away to still receive some bonuses, they will only get helped by these rewards.

3(HOW I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT)- The guy who is in touch with this kingdom is the Minister of economy of course. He has to deal with the influence of this nation over our kingdom. They will also contact the Minister of Defense sometimes. Their influence on our kingdom depends on the decisions taken by the Minister of economy. Players wont know the level of influence of this kingdom over us, but they will feel the effects overtime in case. Decisions that are open-borders oriented will increase their level of influence over us.

I am sorry if the last part is kinda messy but I am tired right now xd, i have other ideas in mind but I think its better to send them as "blocks". i mean, today ideas were all connected so it's easier to see this working :P
for any idea or critic you have dont hesitate to comment :P I will be very open to dialogues