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Tabletop game
« on: January 23, 2018, 01:51:18 PM »
I'm aware there is a seperate thread but it advised me to start afresh.

I believe that there is a way to produce a tabletop version of this game with all the assets already created and a few adjustments. The last two years have seen the rise of hybrid digital / physical games... I was recently plahing Fantasy Flights Mansions of Madness and realised how Armello had already created the app; if only by stripping away some elements and reframing the rest.

1. Players
Like Mansions of Madness, Armello would require you to enter character choice. This way it could keep track of your prestige, scores, etc...

2. Board
Keep the isometric view but zoom out to show the whole board and the tile placement for players to copy with physical components (seasonal tiles for the kickstarter lol)

3. Night, Day and the King
All kept track of by the app, as in current game.

4.player position
Entered at the end of turn on screen.

5. Dungeon explore
Add a button to randomly generate outcome

6. Cards
Print current digital versions into physical assets

7. Turns / phases of play
As now, except for the following:
- tell app where turn ended
- tell app when damage done to another player
- tell app if another player is killed

8. Banes and Guards
App moves these just as game, asks if combat is initiated. If so, players roll against screen, enter result, app fights back. Players enter their total damage and defense.

Physical asset.

10. Characters
Physicsl asset (dear god I want a Badger Knight)

I think its entirely possible. I was tinkering around with a very crude bastard version of this by following along with handwritten paper, etc... Just to see if possible. It would be the boardgame event of the year, clean up on Kickstarter. Please consider it; as a fully digital game it is one of my favourites, and as a budding boardgame designer I'd be happy to pitch in.

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