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The Journeymen
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:28:30 AM »
Been a while since I put out character suggestions.  So here we go, a new idea for a character DLC.

Ayoshi, the Wind Blade
Female Snow Leopard - Wolf Clan
Weapon: Katana
Quickdraw ability - Once per turn, initiate an attack 2 spaces away, if you kill the enemy in battle automatically move to that space.
Strength: 5, Body: 5, Wits: 3, Spirit: 3

Henrietta, the Scrollmaster
Female Bullfrog - Rabbit Clan
Weapon: Grimoire
Trickster ability - Escaping a Trickery Peril, gives you said Trickery card at double it's normal cost.
Strength: 3, Body: 5, Wits: 6, Spirit: 2

Carter, the Archievist
Male Owl - Bear Clan
Weapon: Bladed Feathers
Treasure Hunter ability - After escaping a magic peril, on your next turn if you have to draw, you have a 30% chance to draw a treasure card when you draw an Item card.
Strength: 3, Body: 4, Wits: 5, Spirit: 4

Red Paw Gang
13 Mice, mostly male - Rat Clan
Weapon: Mostly daggers
Theivery ability - Enemies killed in battle respawn on the spot they were killed next turn but with one randomly selected item, treasure, companion, or spirit stone stolen.
Strength: 5, Body: 4, Wits: 4, Spirit: 3

Rizche, the Elusive
Male Duchshund - Bandit Clan
Weapon: Short Sword
Deception ability - Evades any peril that would otherwise kill him if he's gone at least 3 turns without dying.
Strength: 3, Body: 4, Wits: 5, Spirit: 4
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