Author Topic: Suggestion ( Skins and dices set binding )  (Read 267 times)

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Suggestion ( Skins and dices set binding )
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:22:50 PM »
Hi every one.

First, i would like thank League of Geek for this excellent game.

I just want to make one or two suggestion. I hope, these are good ones, and could be realised easily.

So... Now that we may have a lot a different dices set and character skin ( and i hope more later ) My suggestion is...

Could we have a new menu option ? I think about a character option. Where we could bind Dices and Skins to the different character of the game.

For example, For each character, we could bind skins and dices set, we want to use with, and only this skins and dices. We do this for all the characters And... When we're start a game... At the character selection, we could find only the chosen skins and dices set to play with. And may be ^ If we choose random. The game pick only in this selection for the character.

I think, it could be great ! Please, could you make it possible ?

Thanks to read me Thanks for the game

And Have a nice day ! ;)