Author Topic: Release (v1.9.1) Patch 2 [Steam] Build Notes  (Read 483 times)

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Release (v1.9.1) Patch 2 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:34:29 PM »

    Hey there folks!

    We have a few more fixes for all you Armellians.

    Features and Change
    • ESC hotkey can be used to exit through Hero Select screen.
    • We’ve been doing a lot of optimisation for iOS devices which we’ve brought across to Steam. Players on low-end devices may see performance improvements.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a rare NMA caused by a Stealth hero getting Stranger swapped to them while being revealed.
    • Fixed a rare combat dice NMA.
    • Fixed the Winter Board not being available in games.
    • Fixed issue with Offline Mode not being available.
    • Fixed a bug where the screen would go back if you moved the cursor onto another screen if a Trailer was being played in Window mode.
    • Fixed a bug where if you equip an Item over Spy Glass, Scout would persist.
    • Fixed a bug when switching to English in-game from Russian, Korean or Chinese would cause a few strings to remain in original language.
    • Fixed a missing text string caused by Spirit Seeds interacting with Quest lines.

    Known Issues
    • Fast AI turns disables after certain moments in the game. Investigating a fix.
    • The Multiplayer glow on the Main Menu is off-centre from the first load.
    • The volume of some sounds isn't being modified by the volume sliders, such as the Rot Vines growing from the Palace.
    • Issue where the King’s jaw flaps open too much when talking.
    • Hero Skins are acting funny, hold tight!


    Lisy & the LoG Family <3