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Suggested Changes
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:23:15 AM »
After playing countless games I have a couple suggestions that I strongly believe should be implemented to improve gameplay.  I have some more debatable suggestions as well and some possible bugs that maybe haven't received proper attention yet.

Strongly Suggested Implementations

Update the stranger to not enter stone circles if a character is corrupted
Nothing makes me want to quit a game more than having my turn start and end with a death before I even make any voluntary movements.  Not only do you start back at the palace grounds with 1 less prestige, but it technically happened during your turn, so you lose an entire turn.  That is just too much. 

Change how the guards interact with banes
The guards rarely take damage when attacking banes and seem to kill them more often than not.  This is annoying for players going for banes for prestige or rot.  It doesn't seem like the devs intended it to be this one-sided.  Perhaps the banes should have an equipment that is only activated when fighting against guards that levels the playing field.

Other Suggestions to Consider

Quests on stone circles for corrupt players
If you become corrupt and your next quest is on a stone circle, you're effectively locked out of it.  The same goes for stone wards on a settlement quest.  I'm not sure what the best solution is.  Perhaps the game needs a rot spell or follower that grants immunity (I know there's always Wyld Talisman and going spirit walker but this seems to be a pretty difficult position anyway).

Modify Rite of Wyld

This card is way too expensive for something that often just gives one prestige to a player if a bane happens to be in range.  Corrupt players and banes already usually die to stone circles anyway.  Either reduce the cost to 1 mana or remove the restriction to stone circles.

Poison Taster / Healthcare

If you have this follower and someone picks the Healthcare decree (Healthcare: Pay 4 gold, if you have less than 4 gold you will become poisoned), then you should not have to pay 4 gold to it.

Self Icon
The game often forces you to see things the king is doing at dusk and dawn and this can make it really hard to strategically play spells to yourself.  There should be an icon you can drag your spell to that will play a spell to yourself even if you can't see yourself.  Either do this or find a way to reduce the amount of time that control of the screen is taken away. 

Banish Spell
It would be nice if the banish spell would highlight the dungeon(s) you might go to if used when you drag it out because it takes time to figure this out and making the wrong choice could be disastrous.

More chat options
Why not an option to say "good game" and one to communicate confusion like "why did you do that?" or "I don't understand what just happened!"  These are two sentiments that I often wish I could communicate.

Possible Bugs

Disconnecting During a Battle
If another player disconnects while you're fighting them, it skips the rest of your turn and doesn't give you the prestige you should get for winning the battle (when you actually killed them and survived).  This opens up the possibility of players using this to rage quit in a particularly malicious way.

Spirit Strike with the Apprentice Equipped
This combination causes spirit strike to cost x-1 and do x-1 damage instead.  I think it makes more sense for it to cost x and do x+1 damage.

Dying twice consecutively
In several scenarios it is possible to die and then die again when reaching the clan grounds.  For instance if a player plays a spell that kills you and you have a heal spell on the stack as well, you will die, then heal and die again losing 2 prestige.

That's all for now.  Please post if you agree/disagree or have other things to add to any of the lists.  Thanks.