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(Nearly) useless cards
« on: November 04, 2017, 07:50:24 PM »
There's a number of cards in the game that I'm simply NEVER happy to draw. These cards are frustrating, because they just sit in your hand until you can burn them or waste some resources to get rid of them. While I'm waiting for Fury Friday to end so I can play normal games again (hint), I'll try to compile a list of cards that could really use a buff or outright removal:

Poisoned Dagger~ This is just too much work for too little reward.
Suggested change: Make all swords gain poison just for having it equipped rather than requiring a burnt rot card for the effect.

Snake Venom~ Same story as Poisoned Dagger.
Suggested change: Same. Just make it give all swords poison until end of next turn. Or at least make it cost one less gold so it's less painful to get rid of it. These rot cards are particularly annoying since burning rot is usually not a good thing, and no, effects like this aren't an elegant solution to that problem.

Rotten Fog~ This MAYBE does one damage, if someone really wants to walk through it.
Suggested change: Reduce cost to 1 magic, increase damage to 2, and/or allow it to be played on non-empty tiles.

Spirit Seeds~ This is the worst culprit in the spells deck. The best case scenario for this spell has you jumping onto a swamp tile, taking a damage, then healing two by casting this. A net gain of one health for FIVE magic is not where I want to be, even if it does get rid of a swamp.
Suggested change: Reduce the magic cost by a significant amount and increase the healing. It's a pretty cool card flavorfully, otherwise I'd say just replace it with something that straight up heals you. It's always been weird to me that the closest we have to  healing magic is in Regeneration. Something like "Heal 3" played to any creature for two magic would be great.

Arson~ As with Spirit Seeds in the magic deck, it's a cool effect that is grossly overcosted for what it does. Good game design incorporates good flavor, but still favors smooth gameplay over it. It's exceedingly rare that you are going to have 3 prestige laying around that you are totally okay spending to deal 2 damage, even if it kills someone. This card rots in my hand 'til I can burn it, every single time.
Suggested change: Reduce the prestige cost to 1 and increase the damage to 3. Still not anything to write home about compared to some of the things in the spell deck, especially with the restriction of "forest only," but playable at that point.

Stone Wards~ Costs too much, does too little.
Suggested change: Reduce the cost. Or make it playable on any non-palace tile. Or let it be used on a settlement with a bane currently inside it to toast it.

I only covered the REALLY useless cards, but I do think a balance run over all of them should be done, as there's a lot of weak ones. I think the trickery deck in particular needs some love, as do many  others as I'm sure you're well aware. One possible remedy for the trickery deck is to reduce the base cost of all trickery cards by 1 gold, and maybe tone back the settlement bonus a bit by requiring one extra town if needed (though I don't think even that would be needed.)

It's really weird playing a game with cards where I'm so often desperate to just get rid of things in my hand. I'd like my hand to feel like a useful fist full of tricks that benefit me, not wishing I could discard them more easily, or going out of my way to walk into perils just to burn them. Whatever solution you folks come to, I hope you'll find a way to make some of the cards feel like more of a boon and less of a burden.

Thanks for making such an amazing game, and keep up the great work!