Author Topic: Can't Continue After Playing Online / Missing TooltipText / Side Quest Popup Bug  (Read 343 times)

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Build Number:  2017-11-02 13:13:30Z

Platform: PC (Windows 10 x64)

Bug 1: Trying to continue a singleplayer game after playing multiplayer will make the game think you don't own the DLC for said singleplayer game.

Bug 2: Some text is missing.

Bug 3: Having the "Select quest" popup appear after you die and end your turn causes it to overlap the "End Turn" button and makes it persist until the end of the game. (It still works but doesn't animate away after clicking it)

Repro Steps:

Bug 1:
  • Start searching for a multiplayer game.
  • Start a singleplayer game while searching.
  • Join multiplayer game and complete it.
  • Try continue singleplayer game, it will say you don't own the DLC to continue.

Bug 2:
  • Mouse over the AFK icon in the top left
  • ? ? ?
  • Profit.

Bug 3:
  • Die after completing a quest and have the game end your turn for you.
  • ? ? ?
  • Profit.

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Hi there, the AFK warning is on our radar, and so is the continue game message here, which is a known issue where pesky AI are selecting equipment they're not supposed to, you can work around this by manually selecting the AI's loadout in hero select, and holding on for a fix in an upcoming update :)

as for that select quest button wigging out, thanks for the heads-up, we can investigate it with the team.

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