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Release v1.9.1 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: October 06, 2017, 12:53:47 PM »
Hi all,

Here are the build notes for our latest Steam release!
Features and Changes

Rites of Ruin - Collection 5
  • New drops of Dire Chest and Keys including a new set of Dice Skins to collect!
  • Druid Chest and Keys will no longer drop.

Visual Changes
  • Palace Perils have repositioned so they no longer block or obscure views. 
  • Improved visualisation of the unlocking of the Clan Dice in the Prologue.

  • If you’re in a House Rules lobby and you go to click "Find Players", there is now a prompt to check before dismissing your House Rules settings as this will move you to a Public Multiplayer lobby.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a combat NMA caused from being able to burn cards after the dice roll.
  • Fixed an issue where are able to burn cards after dice roll and the card would get stuck on the screen, still counting as your in your hand.
  • Fixed an NMA caused by continuing a saved game in Dutch.
  • Fixed an NMA caused by continuing a Saved Game where the King’s health was 0.
  • Fixed an NMA in Thane’s Prologue caused by spam clicking “Continue” would cause the Squire to not be able to be recruited.
  • Fixed Spirit Walker string ID showing in the Game Guide.
  • No more action should occur after the King dies e.g. Prestige being rewarded.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause two King’s Guards or a Bane and a King’s Guard on one tile.
  • Fixed an issue with Mercurio’s Prologue where during the Miner’s Quest the safe option would still cause damage to the hero.
  • Fixed tooltip on Corrupted to show correct Stone Circle behaviour.
  • Fixed a variety of localistation issues where String ID’s were showing instead of languages other than english.
  • Fixed bug where playing Lightning Strike to self wouldn’t cause your turn to end.
  • Fixed the maximum multiplayer level in the Game Guide.
  • Fixed Serendibite to work against a routed King’s Guard.
  • Fixed a bug where Elyssia’s fortify and intimidate would still play even if your turn had been interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where Bane’s could spawn on an already occupied tile.

Known Issues
  • Coin Flip chest side is missing an asset.
  • The Multiplayer glow on the Main Menu is off-centre from the first load.
  • The volume of some sounds isn't being modified by the volume sliders, such as the Rot Vines growing from the Palace.
  • Issue where the King’s jaw flaps open too much when talking.


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