Author Topic: [PS4] Armello, worth the buy?  (Read 1521 times)

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[PS4] Armello, worth the buy?
« on: October 04, 2017, 06:52:20 AM »

I was wondering if the game was wroth the buy on the PS4, they say the matchmaking is almost non-existent... And you need to ask people in the community to play with you.

And there was some talk going around how bugged it is. So, I am not sure what to do. Should i get the game or not? 

Please give me your honest opinions. Thanks.


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Re: [PS4] Armello, worth the buy?
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 04:19:52 PM »
No not for console, they give 0 shits about console players. Massively late updates and huge online connection problems you're wasting your money if you don't get it on pc. Unfortunately I bought it on console first.

Trent Kusters

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Re: [PS4] Armello, worth the buy?
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2017, 03:06:26 PM »
Hey Mike131297! Thanks for the kind words.

We actually do give more than 0 shits about our console players. The case is simply that we are a small independent developer (~15 people), that is offering ongoing support and content for free on six platforms.

It's worth noting, PlayStation and Xbox One have the most intensive submission guidelines and technical requirements of all these platforms - they live in the dark ages in comparison to other platforms.

When we need a Steam build, we can turn it around in less than a day and submit the build in 5 mins.

When we need a console build, they can sometimes take over a month to get up to date technically and then submission can take weeks - all through no fault of our own.

With all the above considered, as well as commercial considerations/commitments (i.e., shifting focus to mobile in the lead up to the iOS launch), we actually update console as often as we possibly can.

Do we wish we could update them faster and more regularly? You bet. Of course. However, the short answer is; we can't. The long answer is; we're working on new production processes to decrease our console iteration times. We had meetings with Xbox and PlayStation just last week about how they can better serve developers who have live games - like us.

The good news; We have an update currently planned with a bunch of content. Not sure when it'll hit, but it's in our roadmap. As I've stated previously, we'll be bringing content and support to every platform for as long as they're profitable.

Hope that clears things up. There's no moustache twirling at the expense of console players going on over here - we are also console players.

<3 Trent


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Re: [PS4] Armello, worth the buy?
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 08:10:48 AM »
I know im MONTHS late to this discussion, but this really bothers me. This team of people have been working on this WORK OF ART for many years. They are not Ubisoft or Blizzard that can just have 100 people get a patch out in a week, and they have shown time and again that they care DEEPLY about this game on ALL platforms.

I think the issue here is there is a huge disconnect between fantasy, and the way the world actually works. LoG would love nothing more than to update every version same day, and there is no reason they would deprive you of that willingly. The console market is almost impossible to break into for indie developers for these reasons. The restrictions, guidelines, and not to mention price tag on putting these games out and keeping them updated on consoles is catastrophic and massive. They even mention they do this for 6 platforms, FOR FREE!! You realize you can even have 1 person buy the DLC and every one of your friends can play it right? How many companies do that for you!? In my humble opinion, they have given us A LOT on consoles.

I am not here to just bitch and defend LoG however, I am here to see if I can help.  I am very interested in increasing the attention Armello receives on PS4, and have had a community on it for a while. I have struggles to make this community thrive however, and would be open to ANY ideas from the players or the developers on how to increase interest in this community. Playing, talking strategy, and enjoying Armello with friends is a key part of keeping retention, and I am interested in helping with that.

My community on PS4 is called Armello of Thrones by the way, and anyone non toxic is welcome to join us!


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Re: [PS4] Armello, worth the buy?
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2018, 11:40:12 PM »
While it is true that yeah, the updates take what feels like forever to reach the consoles, there are still a group of players still eager and ready to play some Armello who jump at the chance for a match. I have stopped playing for a bit though because I am already level 60, and don't really wanna put off new players by beating them. XD

In short, it can be difficult to find a match on PS4, but I certainly don't regret buying it. There are lots of good and fun players on that game to either form friendships with, or rivalries! :3