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The Grand Archive of Lost Heroes
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Citizens of Armello

In light of the recent increase of activity by the troublesome shamble of thieves and brigands calling themselves "Bandit Clan", our wise king has hereby decreed that I venture forth into far and distant lands in search of long forgotten heroes of olde.  During the duration of my quest , I have recorded for the official records any being of noteworthy rank which our King shall invite into the service of his court.  This here is the record of my journey, penned by Chariot Rider, the librarian of the royal archives resoponsible for the kings record of lost and forgotten rings, items, and treasures, who accompanied me on the Kings errand.  Throughout our journey both me and Chariot Rider encountered many foreign tongues, which had to be translated by Chariot Rider, as his knowledge of the languages of distant kingdoms far exceeds my own, though his knowledge is limited as well and some of the legends required edits and guesswork to record them into our archives.  If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of any of the characters archived in this tome, please inform the King of  their location so he can offer as glorious invitation worthy of a loyal hero.  On the King's honor, we will make any information leading to the locations of these legends worth your time.  Here ends the quest of Algar, spymaster of our great King's court.

Enchidna Hero: -1 health to anyone who attacks you

Turtle Hero:  -1AP, +1 or 2 shields in combat


Bear Warcaster
Body: 5 / Fight: 5 / Wits: 2 / Spirit: 3
Big, brutal, and infused with magical energy. He's not only hard to kill, he hits like a truck. However, his extremely low wits make him an easy target for Perils and his smaller hand size give him fewer options
Ability: In combat, burning a Spell card will guarantee him a Shield, in addition to whatever symbol it normally bestows. (IE: burning Cursed Lands obliterates one of your dice, but gives you a guaranteed Shield symbol)

Rabbit Sapper
Body: 5 / Fight: 3 / Wits: 5 / Spirit: 2
Mechanically gifted and a more than a little bit nutty. Overall, a very intelligent character, he relies mostly on his wits and inventions to get by. However, his logical mind makes it difficult for him to tap into such nonsense as 'magic'...
Ability: During his turn, he may spend 1 AP to lay down a unique peril in his location: Mechanical  Trap. It has Peril 2 and does 1 damage to anyone who fails it.

Wolf Ranger
Body: 4 / Fight: 3 / Wits: 4 / Spirit: 4
Worldly, wise, and more than capable of taking care of herself. A well-rounded character who can excel in any field she puts her efforts towards. Unlike many wolves, she prefers being alone and enjoys the beauty of nature.
Ability: Any turn she begins on a Forest tile, she either regains 1 health (day) or 1 magic (night).

Rat Assassin (eventually became Zosha)
Body: 3 / Fight: 4 / Wits: 4 / Spirit: 4
Agile and dangerous to herself and others.  Her relatively high stats mean she is quite adept almost everywhere, but must be exceedingly careful not to let herself be exposed.
Ability: Always gain Stealth at night.

Had kind of an interesting idea for the Bear Clan the other day.

Althena, the Elder
Appears as a wizened old polar bear adorned in wyld tribal jewelry. Long, braided hair frames her face. Althena's 'weapon' is a heavy magical tome.

Body: 4
Fight: 2
Lore: 6
Spirit: 3
Talent: Spiritualist
Althena gains 2 Shields and recovers full HP when she steps onto a Stone Circle.

The Observer

*A dark wizard type character, low fight, low body, high wits, high spirit.
*A spellsword type character, med fight, med body, low wits, high spirit.

Suggested ring/hero abilities:
*Swamps do not do any damage.
*Gain 2 rot instead of 1 from death by, or slaying banes.
*Take no damage from infection at dawn.
*Banes will not initiate combat with hero. If a bane spawns on the same hex as a bird hero, the hero will retreat, but the bane will not attack.
*Play rot cards safely, without gaining rot. (Too powerful?)
*When playing rot cards, 50% chance to gain an additional point of rot.
*When slaying another hero, that hero will gain 1 point of rot as if they were killed by a bane.

*The first moon card burned in combat adds a shield die.
*Spell costs are reduced by 1 at nighttime.
*Gain scouting at nighttime.
*Perils placed on empty hexes by this player have their difficulty increased by one rot/moon symbol.
*When encountering a peril that has a moon or rot symbol on it, up to one of such symbols are removed, with rot first, then moon.

Lunar Spellsword

Stats: 5/3/3/4
Ability: Lunar Shield - the first two moon cards burned in combat also count as shields.


Stats: 2/3/5/5
Ability: Rotten Soul - Gain no rot from playing rot cards, but gain 2 rot from killing, or being killed by banes.  When corrupted, will drain corruption, but not health from banes killed by spells cast from this player.


Stats: 3/4/5/3
Ability: Fleet Footed - Gain 1 extra AP during the day. Perils which drain AP, such as crooks, mercenaries or wake the trees do not cause AP loss.


Stats: 4/4/5/2
Ability: Tit for Tat - If a card that causes damage is played directly to this hero by another player, the hero who played the card takes half the damage caused, rounded up. For example, a lightning strike played against this player directly would inflict 2 damage on the caster; using crooks on this player when he/she has no gold would inflict 1 damage on the player who played the card.


Stats: 3/4/5/3
Ability: Distil - Potion and food item cards have double their effect. (Wyldsap, moon juice, brazenberry ale, hot rot wine, poisoned gift, etc)


Inspired by Loki pasive[]
Hero power

Gain +1 fight if attacking from the back three tiles from the direction the enemy last traveled

Trap setter
Hero power or item

Gain extra dice when ambushing

Head start
Hero power

Gain +1 AP when leaving clan grounds and/or +1 AP for first (2 or 3?) turns of the game.


Cat Fencer
Description:  I spy with my little eye... a cat, with orange fur like puss in boots... maybe a close cousin of the King... A tiger? A Leopard? A Female Lioness (The Queen?! The Princess here to see what her Father is up to?!) I like the idea of a faction of cats... they are related to the king, so they are all royals and in line for the throne. Maybe one of their rings is a Royal signet ring that gives them +1 prestige to start with or some other prestige style play like gaining an additional prestige for clearing bounties...

I see in the hands of the feline hero two blades... one in each hand... 2 rapiers? 2 Scimitars? Or are they actually 2 claws? hmmm the future is so hard to see... so much is in flux ...

This cat is very deceptive... Stats might look like this:
3 Fight 4 Body 5 Wit 3 Spirit...

And ironically she will be hard to fight... because this feline is a fencer... I see three possible abilities for her:
1. Opportunistic Riposte: Each miss from an opponent's die turns into both a Sword and a Shield for her.
2. Comeback Strike: Each time an opponent's die explodes she gains an extra die roll.
3. Predator Instincts: For each health missing on the enemy, she gains an extra die roll.

Or she might look like this:

5 fight 3 Body 4 Wit 3 Spirit (yes, Zosha's stats... I really think Zosha has very balanced and nice stats for an aggressive character archetype, and I think a fencing cat would likely have a similar stat build given the following abilities below).

Possible abilities for this stat build for an aggressive cat fencer:
1.  Vengeful Nature: For each health missing on herself, she gains an extra dice.
2. One Better: Each time an opponent burns a card, she gets the same shield/sword effect added to her.
3. Finest Steel...  (or you could call it what I really wanted to call this ability: "Not Today...": Gains one shield for each enemy miss.

Finally I'm offering a more cat flavor set of stats and possible abilities:
4 Fight 4 Body 4 Wit 3 Spirit

1. Cat and Mouse: If enemy is evading, all of her shield rolls become swords. (Very flavored towards a cat chasing and stalking prey)
2. Ready to Pounce: If combat was initiated from stealth, she is not affected by the ambush and can burn cards like normal. (I was picturing a cat waiting patiently outside a mouse hole, or just a hunched over cat shaking it's butt and tail in full alert, ready to spring into action the second the cat detects motion)
3. Play and Prey: After combat, if the cat is still alive and the enemy is still alive, deal one extra guaranteed damage outside of combat. (I realize River has the first strike ability with her arrow.. but a cat likes to play with their prey first before finishing them off...
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Re: The Grand Archive of Lost Heroes
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Name: n/a
Type: Undead/skeleton
Class: Summoner
Clan: Skeleton Crew/Undead Clan
Skill: Uses rot instead of fight if rot is higher then fight fight is added to rot
Cards: healing cards damage this hero type (cannot heal)

Name: n/a
Type: Undead/skeleton
Class: Fighter
Clan: Skeleton Crew/Undead Clan
Skill: Heals for amount of rot each turn, When killed damages other player for amount of rot
Cards: healing cards damage this hero type (cannot heal)


Rotten Undead: Gain +1 Rot when slain in battle; OR,
Inflict +1 Rot on heroes slain in battle when corrupted.

No penalties from mountain or swamp tiles or both. (i.e. -2 AP and -1 Health)

Perhaps just standard -1 Health, and only when directly cast on the hero, i.e. not Perils; OR
Effect of Trickery cards are inflicted on the caster when successfully escape a Peril.

Perhaps just +1 Health to upon surviving battle; OR,
-1 to cost of consumable Items. (making a some of them free being only 1 Gold, etc) (although that sounds more preferable for a Ring)

Sorry Stoat

Stats: 2/4/5/4
Ability:  Chorus of Chaos +1 gold discount on trickery cards for each terrorised settlement.


The Rebel Clan (not so much of a character but in terms of Macruger's suggestion for the ability it might as well be)
*The Rebels start with a Reward on his head.

*The daily decrees of the king does not apply on the rebels, BUT, each time a decree is ''launched'', a new Reward is placed on your head.

*The Rebel Clan is formed by various species, including deserters of the Royal Guard.


Fight: 4
Body: 6
Wit: 3
Spirit: 3

Blood Magic: In combat, Wolf Hero gains any points of Overkill as additional Magic.

(This is the image that started the Idea, all credit to the artist)


Backstory, 'cos I like writing stuff like this:

Merddra is - or rather, was - a proud champion of the Bear clan. Her tactical prowess and physical might are still spoken of in legend, though few are willing to remember her as anything more than a myth - lest they admit that such a noble hero could have fallen to corruption.

In order to turn the tide of a fierce battle, Merddra wilfully took up a Rot-touched amulet. The poisonous darkness crept into her veins, but the strength it gave her allowed her to easily win the day. It was clear, however, that Merdda was forever changed.

Her tactics in battle became more ruthless - her methods more merciless. As time progressed, she would clearly to go any means to achieve victory. Until one night, she simply vanished from the Bear Clan lands, never to be seen again... until word of the King's own fall to the lure of the Underworm spread across the lands, and a dark champion arose to dethrone the fallen king and take his place.

Appearance: Similar stature to Brun and Sana, but now hunched over and riddled with the signs of the Rot's corruption. No weapon - fights with fists and own claws.

Starting stats: 5 fight, 4 body, 5 wits, 2 spirit. The Rot's touch has all but severed her connection to the Wyld (very low spirit) and sapped much of her once-legendary strength from her bones (low body), but her mind remains as sharp as ever (high wits) and her ferocity grants her an edge in battle (high fight).

Hero Power "Rotten to the Core": Merddra begins with 1 Rot, and gains double the usual Rot from using or equipping Rot cards.


Dark Covenant (innate talent): Worm symbols rolled during the day hit; worm symbols rolled at night explode. Conversely, Wyld symbols rolled during the day fail outright and do not explode at night. [This trade-off is completely equal, but it effectively makes him stronger at night and weaker during the day.]

Sanguine Embrace (Rot path talent, lower tier): When slain in combat by a bane, you gain 2 Rot instead of 1. [Investment does not directly aid in fighting ability, enemy players could prey on you or kill the banes before they get to you, but if you can rot away really quickly...]

Sadistic Feast (Combat path talent, upper tier): For every two wounds inflicted to an opponent beyond what was needed to slay them (overkill), recover 1 health/wound. [Makes an offense-heavy build much more viable and survivable, but only available at endgame.]


Fang, the Bounty Hunter (or Mercenary) (The name and title can both change, as I doubt there will be a clan that suits his title)

Species: Komodo Dragon,  it's an animal that hunts on its own, and has various methods of killing (Like a Mercanary or Bounty Hunter).
It is also an animal that has venom that isn't a snake. I imagine a Komodo Dragon will look awesome with arms and legs, just me? (

Clan: Rogue (Or a miscellaneous faction like the Bandits)

Time: Day

Rings: Work In Progress, open to suggestions.

Fight: 4 Body: 4 Wits: 3 Spirit: 4

Hero Trait:

Idea 1:When claiming a bounty, gain +1-2 extra prestige and +5 gold (You don't claim bounties that often, so this might not be the best option)
Idea 2: (this option relies on the species being a Komodo Dragon) If you roll 5+ attack dice, you poison the enemy using Venom.

Idea 3: Every 3+ gold the enemy has, you gain +1 attack dice. (e.g: If Mercurio has 9 gold, you will get +3 attack dice)

The General theme for this Hero is that he craves money, and hunts those that has a lot of it.  (R.I.P. Rabbit Clan)


Fleek the Fleet Foot

Rabbit Clan
Fight: 3
Body: 4
Wits: 5
Spirit: 4
Starting Gold: 5

Talent:  At end of turn, if Fleek has any unused Action Point and did not take damage in combat, he gains 2 additional Actions next turn. 

Fleek is dress in light leather adventurer outfit.   Most noticeability is his winged helm (like Hermes), and a half cape/sash across his shoulder.  Also a bag with scrolls on the side (he is a messenger).  Carries a short sword/dagger for weapon.  A hyper active personality, always hoping and looking around.


They are called the Loyalists, members of lesser clans who swore loyalty to the four greater clans for past deeds. Now that the king has gone mad and brought chaos to the kingdom of Armello, the chosen representives of the Loyalists now seek the crown not just for the benefit for the lesser clans but also returning the favor for the greater clans while carrying their banner.

Here are some examples of such Loyalists:

The Snow Leopards of the Wolf Clan
"The habitants of the snowy peaks of the Northern Needles, the snow leopards were once fierce compititors of the Wolf Clan over territories and resources. But the snow leopards ultimately lost due to lack of numbers and proper leadership and their loss has cost them dearly as it has left their clan in a delicate state. In an act of desperation, the snow leopards swallowed their pride and sought an audience with the leaders of the Wolf Clan for help. The wolves had the snow leopards swore an oath of fealty to them and they reluctantly complied to their demands. To their surprise, however, their alliance with the wolves were treated with the loyalty and honour. As if they were a actually part of their pack. As time goes by, the snow leopards gradually recovered and their relationship greatly improved. Their loyalties for the Wolf Clan are so great, they even adopted the Wolf clans' customs and intrigate some of their cultures into their own. When the time of claiming the throne of Armello is nigh, it is time for the snow leopards to honor their part of their alliance and help  the Wolf Clan to achieve greatness."

Hero: A female snow leopard wearing the blue armor of the Wolf Clan.

The Bisons of the Bear Clan
"Warrior mystics of the Wyld, the bisons were originally not from Armello but from a land far from the west. The bisons traveled as nomads to Armello to seek further enlightment from the Wyld but their numbers dwindled due to bandit attacks and being hunted by those who seeks their unknown powers. Fortunately, the Bear Clan sensed their distress through their connection to the Wyld and intervined. With the help from the Bear Clans, the bisons managed to recover their losses and regain their health in time. Impressed by each other's way of the Wyld, the bisons and the bears sees each other as kindred spirits of the Wyld and began sharing their wisdom together. Before the bisons resumed their travels, they swore an oath to the Bear Clan. The bisons will one day return to Armello and help the Bear Clan in their most dire need. When the king endangers Armello with his madness, the bisons fulfilled their promise by sending their mightiest warrior to fight for the Bear Clan's cause"

Hero: A big male bison carrying a bear-shaped totem pole, which he uses as a magical blunt weapon.

The Turtles of the Rabbit Clan
"Many do not think highly on the turtles due to their slow ways, but the Rabbit Clan knows better. They know that the turtles are the wisest and the most patient creatures of Armello due to their long life-span. Their admiration for the turtles also stems from a legend of how a tranquil tortoise bested a mighty hare at his own game. Their friendship proved to be quite benefitial for both clans as the turtles help the rabbits by sharing ancient knowledge and exploring dungeons  in deep water while the rabbits help the turtles with resources and protection services. When the king went mad, the Rabbit Clan were astonished to discover how a turtle decided to pick up his arms to fight over the crown for the sake of the Rabbit Clan. The turtle calmly answered their curiosity that good will is always paid with equal generosity."

Hero: A male turtle wearing a knight's heavy armor of the Rabbit Clan.

The Crows of the Rat Clan
"As impressive as the Rat Clan are, anyone would never believe they would be able to conquer the skies. Unfortunately for them, the Rat Clan has already succeeded that feat. Long ago, the Rat Clan have secretly forged an alliance with a lesser clan of crows and have them serve as the Rat Clan's secret messengers, spies and aerial assassins. In return, crows would always be paid handsomely for their services as well as offering protection of the wrathful prejudice from the victims of the Banes (who believes the crows have a connection to the Banes due to the avian resemblance). When the king of Armello is down with the Rot, the Den Mother assigned one of the most skilled crow agents on a delicate mission; take the crown of Armello and bring glory to the Rat Clan."

Hero: A female crow wearing a red hood, bearing the insignia of the Rat Clan, with feather-shaped blades hidden among the feathers on the wing.


Name: Inigo Grifeth
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Stats: 4 Fight, 4 Body, 4 Wits, 4 Spirit

Ability: From The Jaws (First failed die [rot if uncorrupted, moon during daytime, sun at night, wyld if corrupted]explodes during battles)

Backstory: Inigo was a young fox who was stolen away from his parents at a young age. He was too young to even remember his mother or father There was no ransom, no intent to gain riches or information. The boy was stolen for the sole purpose of being sacrificed to the Rot. His life was spared when a rat wielding powerful magic laid siege to the necromancers. He raised the boy, but never told the boy his name. And when the boy was old enough, the rat left him with a prophecy. He would meet his younger sister when the Rot bears its fangs from the throne and learn from her the truth of his parents.

Inigo took this prophecy to heart. The rat had never had a false reading. In preparing for what was to come ahead, Inigo learned the art of fencing, and made it a point to hone himself in every style of it. He became proficient with throwing daggers as a means of ranged offense. He became a mercenary for hire, and his ability to protect caravans from traveling bandits became widespread, and he lavished in the praise and offerings.

One day, the Honor Guards came to carry out sentence upon a town that they claimed was late in their payment of the newest tax. He fought alongside a few other mercenaries and took the guards head-on. But while they were distracted, a hail of fiery arrows rained down upon the town. The Honor Guards left with their fallen while the city burned. The rat's prophecy once more came to mind.The Honor Guard never did anything like this before. This had to be the doing of the Rot.

Defining Physical Features; Black and white fur, brown sleeveless leather tunic, black baggy pants with white wrappings around his ankles. Green eyes.


Ringtail the Masked Marauder

I dont have an actual story yet for him but I picture A large raccoon that wields a massive spiked flail, wears a tricorn hat, and walks around in heavy weather beaten leathers.   The short background that comes to mind is he is a former bandit turned mercenary whom was hired by the king to maintain the lands but upon hearing of the kings growing madness and suddenly being refused payment for his services decides to say fuck the king and revolts, taking his anger out on the lands as he approaches the castle to collect what is due...   Could even go with this and make a whole new Mercenaries faction out of it to be like rivals with the Bandit clan.

I feel this should be a fighty but high wits character  so the stats I settled into is 5/4/5/3  but of course this can be jiggered with.
Scourge:   When Ringtail ends his turn on a settlement he terrorizes it.   Ringtail can not liberate terrorized settlements.


Gale the Stone-Fist
Clan : Wolf
Species: Coyote
Weapons: None (Brawler)
Ability - Spirit Trance: If you have any AP remaining at the end of your turn, Gale regains 1 HP and gains +2 defense per point of AP, the defense is cleared at the end of the next fight or at the beginning of his next turn.

Daemon the Restless
Clan: Rabbit
Species: Housecat
Weapons: Twin Short Swords
Ability - Lucky Turnaround: Regain 1 HP, +1 Gold, and +1 Prestige when you fail a Peril.
-The glowing blue Wyld symbols on his arm are now on both arms, and the left side of his chest, now visible as he now wears a slightly tattered monk's toga (I guess?) which covers his right side.  His chaps are also in a traditional monk's style and are no less tattered.  His hand-wraps are swapped out for half-rusted bracers.

Fayla the Executioner
Clan: Bear
Species: Panther
Weapons: Halberd
Ability - Wyld Force: Burning a Wyld Symbol card in battle gives you +1 Attack and +1 Defense symbols but prevents the Wyld symbol you burned for from exploding.  These symbols do not trigger equip cards effects.
Daemon's Nearly Killed by Curiosity skin
-Daemon's countless near misses have begun to show on his even more tattered clothing.  What was once fine Rabbit Clan adventurer's garb is now in near complete tatters and scars outline his now dirty fur.  As for his swords, they've started to show scuffs and nicks along with some early signs of rusting.

Elzra the Unseen
Clan: Rat
Species: Weasel
Weapons: Dagger
Ability - Double Trick - The first trickery card you use per turn can be used again at double the initial cost but cannot be burned in battle or against a Peril.  If you do not use the card again, it will be removed from your hand at the end of your turn.
-The Executioner has gone from bounty hunter to vengeance-craving vigilante.  Nothing reflects her fall from glorious Bear Clan Paladin to bounty hunter to vengeful vigilante like her new outfit.  A feral bearskin-cloak over king's guard armor painted red by the blood of her enemies.  Her old halberd swapped out for a scythe.
-Her commitment to her clan is second only to Gale's for his.  She wears a red cloak with black tiger stripes, chainmail, a long black scarf, and a handkerchief mask over her mouth and nose of the same color.  Some have laughed but she's still as dangerous a trickster as the day she was casted out of the Rat Clan.
Some people think chivalry is dead but I think it just has a really bad cold