Author Topic: Wanted to let the devs and others know that I found a solution to my unique prob  (Read 367 times)

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A while ago, I set up this topic...

I was asking for a way to disable or remove the in game player images that show up in the battles. For many, this is a non issue, I know that this issue is very unique to few folks. Most people don't mind. But for myself and I'm sure a select few, lewd and offensive images submitted by players showing up in the game can be a bother. But I'm posting this here to...

1. Let the devs know that I found a way, and also to get their professional feedback on it.
2. To let others know how, just in case they're interested.

So I did a lot of research and ended up finding someone out there that would help and wouldn't you know it, I not only found a way to disable in game player images from showing up in Armello, I found a solution that seems to expand to other games as well!

To explain, I learned that the root of the problem was the source of the player images. Those don't come from Armello, they come from Steam. And so, with a little help from some people with networking expertise, I found that the solution to the problem was to cut off network access to the part of Steam that provides Armello with player images.

I still don't understand the entirety of this myself but it works and essentially, if you modify your PC's network settings to ignore traffic from a certain part of Steam, you'll have a clean game of Armello with no user created content like offensive player images.


So! That said, here are the instructions for how I did this using Windows 10... If you're willing to try it out, let me know what happens for you.

  • Press Windows Key, start typing "Notepad" When Notepad comes up, right click it, run as Administrator.
  • While inside the Notepad application, click "File" then "Open..."
  • The file you want to open and modify is here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Within this file, you'll see a lot of examples and notes teaching you how to use it. Read that if you want. But from here, the instructions are simple...
  • Beneath all the text in this file, simply paste the following...
  • Save the notepad file. If you ever want to undo any of this, simply go back to the file and put a "#" before each line OR remove these additions altogether. It'll be back to normal.
  • Now, hit Windows Key, start typing cmd, right click Command Prompt and run as Administrator.
  • Within the Command Prompt, simply type this exactly and hit enter: ipconfig/flushdns

Now you should be able to go play Armello, and whenever a battle occurs, everyone just has a question mark where their gamer image normally would be.

To elaborate, all this method does is block all incoming traffic from the IP's and aliases we listed. From what I've tested so far, the only things that this method disables are...

1. Gamer profile images won't show up in game.
2. When installing a new game on Steam, Steam won't receive the game icon or game banner. It'll still download the games though.

Anyways, this method ALSO works with Rocket League.

So yeah, there it is. I'm so happy that I can finally get back to playing Armello!

Also, a sincere apology to the devs that I emailed and messaged about this issue. I hope I never troubled anyone too much!

ETA: Just tested, this modification does not interfere with earning achievements! :)
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Ah yes, setting HOST file overrides area great tool for tweaking the internet.  It can block adds, prevent annoying page redirects, and overall speed browsing.

Cool that you were able to find the proper host to get the desired result.