Author Topic: [PC, Win10] Grand Heist: 'Play to Hero' text broken in 9 of 12 languages  (Read 367 times)

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Hello! Here's a broken text string that appears in most of the available languages.

Build Number: 

 PC, Windows 10

The text 'Play to Hero' on the Grand Heist card is broken and displays 'CARD_TRK11_TARGETTEXT' in 9 of 12 languages, listed below:

- Dutch [Nederlands]
- German [Deutsch]
- Italian [Italiano]
- Japanese [日本語]
- Korean [한국어]
- Simplified Chinese [简体中文]
- Spanish [Español]
- Brazilian Portugeuse [Português brasileiro]
- Polish [Polski]

Repro Steps:
- change game language to one of the languages listed above
- go to the Card Gallery
- view the Grand Heist (card #151, page 20/29, bottom right)
- observe that 'Play to Hero' text is broken, displaying 'CARD_TRK11_TARGETTEXT' instead of localized text

Included a combined image of the Grand Heist card in all 12 languages for clarity; unaffected languages in blue, broken languages in red.

Thanks for your time!
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Thanks for the report mate! I've sent it through to QA to organise a fix. <3