Author Topic: [PC, Win7x64] Invite friends: Matchmaking system always reports as unavailable  (Read 540 times)

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Build Number: 2017-08-23  1.9-steam-p1#232

Windows 7 x64 SP 1

Description: Whenever I click on "Invite friends" on the multiplayer screen, I instantly get the message " The matchmaking system is unavailable." Other than that, I can play multiplayer just fine, and friends that do not experience this bug can invite me into their games nicely.

My theory is that I have disabled a Windows service that is required for this particular functionality to work. Unfortunately I have no idea what service that could be. As for my internet connection, that is plain IPv4, as straightforward as could be, with no firewalling or internet security software active and no firewalling or NAT active in my router, meaning that my PC is directly accessible from the internet. Basically dream conditions for internet playing, I'd say.

Repro Steps: Go to Armello main menu, then click multiplayer, then click "Invite friends".

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Bump, having the same problem

Darcy Smith

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Hey there,

Huge apology for missing this thread when it popped up! I'll ping QA and see if they know anything about this and see how we go.


<3 Darcy


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Hello! QA here,
I think we'll be able to diagnose what's happening if you send in a log from a play session where this occurred to qa(at), (and mention this forum post if you like)

Just run the game, click the invite button that triggers this error message, then send us your logs from:

Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\League of Geeks\Armello\logs
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/League of Geeks/Armello/logs
Mac (el Capitan): /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/unity.League of Geeks
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/League of Geeks/Armello/logs

Hopefully we'll be able to suss this out soon and get you inviting your friends all you want!  ;D