Author Topic: [PC, Win10] Japanese text: The Cleansing Wyld card shows (+)Rot instead of (-)  (Read 309 times)

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Hello! Back with another +/- mixup in a Japanese card description  ;)

Build Number: 

PC, Windows 10

In the Japanese text for spell card The Cleansing Wyld,  the description shows (+)Rot instead of (-)Rot, making  it look like either a negative for anti-rot players, or a positive for Rot players

Specifically, The Cleansing Wyld says -1 Rot in English (and all other languages), but 隠れ+1 (~perish  +1) in Japanese.

I checked all other available languages as well; only the Japanese card text has this error.

Repro Steps:
- change game language to Japanese(日本語)
- go to the Card Gallery (カードギャラリー)
- click Spell Cards tab (optional)
- view The Cleansing Wild (浄化のウィルド) [card #011, p. 8/29, center left]
- observe (+) where all other languages display (-) in the card descriptions

- included combined screenshots of English and Japanese versions of The Cleansing Wyld for clarity

Thanks for your time!
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Thanks mate! I'll forward this feedback through to our localisation squad.


<3 Darcy