Author Topic: [PC, Win10] Audio for Rot vines vfx (Ramping Atmosphere) unaffected by volume  (Read 313 times)

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Hello! Recently came across an audio bug from the new Rot content (which is a great immersive addition to the game by the way ;D )

Build Number: 

 PC, Windows 10

I happened to be playing a game with all audio settings (bgm, sfx, voice) set below 20%, however, the audio for the new Rot vines (from Ramping Atmosphere; creeps up through the castle as the King becomes more corrupted) appears to be unaffected by any of the audio volume settings, as that sound effect played much louder than any other audio.

To test more accurately, I started a new game with all volume settings set to 0%, but the sound effects for the new Rot vine growth is still audible and appears to be unaffected by volume settings.

Repro Steps:
- lower all audio settings to 0% (or at least lower than 50%; the issue is more apparent at lower volumes)
- play through a game until the new Rot vines begin growing through the castle (earliest appears to be 2nd night)
- observe that the audio for this new effect is still audible, despite all volume settings set to 0%

Thanks for your time! And thank you for all the new Rot content!
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Heyo Tag! I thought this sounded loud! We'll loook into it.


<3 Darcy