Author Topic: [PC, Win10] in Dutch[Nederlands], clicking Continue results in unresponsive menu  (Read 313 times)

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Hello! I came across this bug while checking various text strings in other languages.

Build Number: 
(originally seen in 1.9-steam-f1#275)

 PC, Windows 10

When the game language is set to Dutch[Nederlands], after clicking Continue (from Singleplayer) on the Main Menu, the game appears to load something in the background for a second, but nothing happens. Afterwards, all menu items are unresponsive; clicking any of the menu options does nothing other than play the audio for clicking a button.

Perhaps the Continue Game UI loads but isn't visible?

However, links on the Main Menu that load the Steam overlay and open a Steam browser window still function, such as the links to these forums and the Armello Wiki on the bottom of the page, the latest Patch icon in the upper left, and links within the News Feed (however, the left and right arrows to flip through the news items no longer function in this state, just like the rest of the menu items).

In this state (clicking Continue in Dutch[Nederlands]), the shop button in the bottom right doesn't work either,  presumably because it would load into another in-game UI before opening a Steam browser window.

Note: If you do not click Continue while the game is in Dutch, all the menu items appear to work normally with no issues.

Repro Steps:
- have a solo game in-progress to continue
- change game language to Dutch [Nederlands], click Apply Changes
- click Back [Terug] to return to the Main Menu
- click Singleplayer [1 Speler]
- click Continue [Ga verder]
- observe game UI becomes unresponsive; force quit needed to exit game in this state

This has been reproducible 100% of the time for me (though only tested 10 times)

Included a screenshot of the Continue button in Dutch[Nederlands] for clarity

Thanks for your time!
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Darcy Smith

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Heyo Tag, I believe a hotfix just went live that should fix this but your save game may have been removed.


<3 Darcy


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Heyo Tag, I believe a hotfix just went live that should fix this but your save game may have been removed.

Hey Darcy, thanks for the reply. I just noticed the hotfix (1.9-steam-p1#232 ), but I'm still experiencing this bug with the game language specifically set to Dutch[Nederlands].

I started a new game , played a bit, exited, and then checked the Continue button in all available languages, and this issue still only occurs with Dutch.

I did experience a different bug before with a  constant 'dead' save game that would load into an unplayable state with the King at 0 health, but still alive -- but I had already seen a bug report for that, and that bug appears to be resolved as far as I can tell.

Anyway, still having this unresponsive menu issue when attempting to continue a game, but only when the game language is in Dutch. I've updated the original bug report with the latest live build (1.9-steam-p1#232 ).