Author Topic: Rot Character Quest Location Restriction Extension  (Read 368 times)

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Rot Character Quest Location Restriction Extension
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:25:12 PM »
Just a small suggestion that comes hot on the heels of my most recent Armello match.

As you are aware, when a Hero becomes corrupted and selects a new quest, it will not choose a location that is a Stone Circle, ensuring it can be accessed and not putting the Corrupted Player at a pretty major disadvantage.

Or so it seemed.

In a recent Armello match I was involved in, I was a corrupted River who had just finished her second-last quest before being able to quest their way into the Palace. I selected a Fight quest and the game promptly showed me where my last quest would take place.

It was in a town that, near the beginning of the game, had a Stone Ward installed on it by one of my opponents, essentially forcing me to break into the Palace through the perils.

Now that story time is over, here is my suggestion: extended the possible quest location restrictions for Corrupted Heros to include Warded Towns as well, just as a balancing act. At least, towns that are Warded at the time a new quest is chosen. If an opponent can anticipate where a Corrupted Player's next quest is after it has been chosen, then it would be fair game.

Nothing new or innovative here. Just an anti-frustration feature that I think should be included.