Author Topic: [PC]Unreasonable reconnection, as a consequence, exit from the game  (Read 328 times)

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Build Number: 1.8.2-steam-p1#162
Platform: PC win10
Description: The situation was this. My friend and I went to play, one day passed, the second dawn began. My move. I use prestige per turn (it was already the second one) and at this moment, he says that I and Barnaby come out of the game and die, he's with River, it remains to play (they finished). Barnaby could send messages, but we could not walk. So I waited a very long time and when the wait came almost to 1 o'clock, I left the game. A friend said that last week he had the same and after ~ 40 minutes waiting for him to throw out the game.
Forgive my English, for writing such a large message I had to use a translator.