Author Topic: Thoughts on recent things and a character idea.  (Read 574 times)

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Thoughts on recent things and a character idea.
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:21:46 AM »
First I want to say to you guys here at LoG.  Bravo on the recent update.  I hadn't been playing near as much as I used to but I came back to find 1.8 and I am very happy to say you made this Rotlord very very pleased with things.

First I want to talk about the items.

Reapers trident:  YES.  YES.  Oh yes the Rot bless this item.  It is perfect to me and the best item you can possibly get your hands on if you are going rot when you fight the king aside from the the royal shield.    I kind of wish the dice randomed their position and only showed AFTER the burn down timer to make the poison shot more effective but still 3 poison dice in the early game is no laughing matter and against the king having 2 dice auto lock to three attack lets you focus your defense better without worry you wont do damage usually I've found.   All Rotlords should bring this with you to show the king he is unworthy of the Rots gift I say!

The change to chainmail:      I approve greatly of this too.  For the rarity and four gold cost the value is now very much where I believe it should be and as someone who frequently plays Magna it no longer feels like I am equiping a blinged out trusty shield to deny my foes the card from the item deck.

Kings guard armor:    This item I have mixed feelings about.   It is basically Royal shield light and like Royal shield  on the one hand it has potentially no value if you dont roll any missed dice.  However on the other hand it can make a big difference if you do,  especially against the king himself and more importantly the kings guards are now an  actual threat for a while with it equipped.   The thing is as I said it is Royal shield light.... and I dont entirely like that as Royal shield is a treasure that I used to salivate over due to its helpful nature in the end game.  Now it feels slightly less treasure-ish when it has a baby brother that does what its going to do most of the time for most players.

Armistice:   I dont know if this change went into play last update or this one because I didnt play the last much like I said earlier but I really think you guys found a good spot for it.  Not only is it a very prime card for Sylas to draw now, it also makes it more than a slightly weird bounty card without raising the cost.  Considering the guards now actualy are a threat and i again think this is good stuff.

The Spy glass change:  Its... different is all I can say.    I will miss the notion of being able to hunt for the double spyglass lantern combo if i get in the mood but really doing that was just a novelty so ultimately i find myself feeling neutral on this.

The Animations for victory and steady changes on the king:  Thank you so much for doing this it helps thematically alot to make the game feel better.  Though as there is always room for improvement and also to give rotlords a little extra incentive I'd suggest maybe that this would be a place to show a real change in the characters from absorbing a truely blackheart like the king has.  IE let their models modify and reflect on their ascension to darkness and if you and to really take it a step further lets see some of those black rot vines and thorns growing on the castle!   :)

One day I'd still like to see Rot show on the characters as it progresses but I understand thats unlikely.

And now for my character Idea.

Ringtail the Masked Marauder

I dont have an actual story yet for him but I picture A large raccoon that wields a massive spiked flail, wears a tricorn hat, and walks around in heavy weather beaten leathers.   The short background that comes to mind is he is a former bandit turned mercenary whom was hired by the king to maintain the lands but upon hearing of the kings growing madness and suddenly being refused payment for his services decides to say fuck the king and revolts, taking his anger out on the lands as he approaches the castle to collect what is due...   Could even go with this and make a whole new Mercenaries faction out of it to be like rivals with the Bandit clan.

If this picks up traction Ill be happy to write a new story and maybe put forth some of my other character Ideas I've been hiding though!

I feel this should be a fighty but high wits character  so the stats I settled into is 5/4/5/3  but of course this can be jiggered with.
Scourge:   When Ringtail ends his turn on a settlement he terrorizes it.   Ringtail can not liberate terrorized settlements.

As with all characters i find the passive is what makes them mechanically and after the introduction of more board altering cards in the game this feels like a character that could have an interesting place in armello both lore wise and gameplay wise.   

A final note:  You guys and your cursed stone wards.  I as a Rotlord hate youuuuuuuuu allllllll. :P
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Re: Thoughts on recent things and a character idea.
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2017, 08:46:47 PM »
The Reaper's trident has a much simpler solution: reinstate special dice priority so poison dice always land last.  That way we can stop having to mess with "this is static so it's first, this is rolled so it's last" nonsense.

Most of your card thoughts echo my own, but I don't see a problem with Guard armor being Royal shield light.

As for the character, I preface any feedback with my "bias" that LoG seems to have a pile of ideas that have priority for implementation ahead of any fan suggestion.  Further, many times for other game companies fan suggested characters have erupted into ugly legal battles when the submitter got greedy.  Now I know Rykker from many conversations so while I know that wouldn't be an actual problem- I'm pretty sure every developer's "business guy" has heard the stories and will ultimately stand clear out of caution.

That out in the open, your character would fit well as a potential 5th bandit, that would be lesser investment than commiting to a whole new clan and much less work to add in (quest texts are shared between clans.) 

Stats: 17 points- thats one too many before Amulet.  If you lose 1 wits you are basically Zosha, so I guess you could lose the spirit to be a Smarter, more fragile Horace.

His Passive- it's a pure disadvantage.  If you terrorize a settlement but cannot re liberate it not only do you reduce your gold income by 1/3 (seeing you can still claim on your earlier AP) but you offer free prestige to the others when they claim their settlement back (claiming the settlement for yourself is just as effective denial as terrorizing it).  If you want something to involve causing Terror, I'd recommend "If he ends his turn with unspent AP any adjacent settlements not owned by him are terrorized".  This allows him to benefit from rescue without farming it and allow town denial to settlements that are fortified or occupied.