Author Topic: [PC, Windows10] Japanese text: spell cards show (+)health instead of (-)health  (Read 352 times)

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Hello! I'm new to Armello and the forums, and I'm here with a bug :D

Build Number: 
- 1.8.2-steam-p6#179

 - PC, Windows 10

In the Japanese text for spell cards Aflame and Lightning Strike,  the description shows (+)health instead of (-)health, making them look like healing spells.

- Aflame says -2 Health in English, but 体力+2 (stamina/endurance +2) in Japanese
- Lightning Strike says -3 Health in English, but 体力+3 (stamina/endurance +3) in Japanese

Repro Steps:
- change game language to Japanese(日本語)
- go to the Card Gallery (カードギャラリー)
- click Spell Cards tab (optional)
- view Aflame (点火) [p. 10/29, bottom right] and Lightning Strike(稲妻ストライク)[p. 13/29, top left]
- observe (+) where all other languages display (-) in the card descriptions

- included combined screenshots of English and Japanese versions of Aflame and Lightning Strike for clarity

I play Armello in Japanese, and I haven't unlocked all the cards yet, but I did notice the spell cards Aflame and Lightning Strike both have (+) instead of (-) for health, making them look like they'll heal you, until you cast Aflame on yourself and realize something isn't quite right.  ???

When deciding to cast Aflame on my hero, I thought "maybe they're healing flames /shrug"; the result was definitely confusing as my hero lost their remaining health and died.  :o

When I saw the +3 health on Lightning Strike, I knew that one had to be an error, so I checked both cards in English and French, and then double checked all other available languages to see if the issue existed elsewhere, but it's only in the Japanese version of these cards.

I'm unable to check other platforms, but I would (perhaps foolishly) assume the text strings are the same  <_<

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Armello so far, and I'm looking forward to future updates. Also love all the localization options as well.  ;)

Thanks for your time!
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Hey there Tag, thanks for hitting us up with your detailed report! I've forwarded this through to QA for them to take a look at and fix!


<3 Darcy