Author Topic: Release (v1.8) Patch 1 [Steam] Build Notes  (Read 622 times)

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Release (v1.8) Patch 1 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:46:17 PM »

Hi there!

A huge fix just went live for a number of visual issues that popped up in v1.8. Check out the full list of things here!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a visual glitch when opening the last Chest of a particular type.
  • Horace’s Black Company skin can now correctly be selected.
  • Chainmail Shirt and King’s Guard Armour now correctly work against the King.
  • The 'Find Game' button is no longer active when the Multiplayer lobby is full.
  • Hero Shelf on the the End Screen now correctly showing Inventory items.
  • Text size has now been corrected on the Hero Shelf.
  • Pixel lines have now been removed on Pause Screen, Game Guide and various other places.
  • When Arson is played on a tile Ghor occupies, he will no longer stay in Tree form for the rest of the game.
  • The Rot tutorial can no longer be skipped in Sana's prologue.
  • Particles now don't clip across an invisible seam on the Combat Screen.
  • Two King’s Guards can no longer spawn on one tile.
  • Chat Icon no longer cut off in certain resolutions.
  • Multiplayer Game prompt dialogue now appears correctly in Singleplayer.
  • Changing languages in-game now resolves smoothly.
  • Fixed an issue with palace transparency and tiltshift.
  • Skeeve Store tabs text is correctly localised.
  • Fog levels reduced.
Known Issues
  • (Mac) 3D previews not showing in Skeeve’s store and Steam Inventory.
  • Kings Guards may break during Prologue.
  • Hare's Halberd visualises twice in combat.
  • King roars a little too loud.
There you have it! Another red hot hotfix out the door. The next one is probably just around the corner!


<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad