Author Topic: [PC] Stuck unable to roll dice on battle screen  (Read 1423 times)

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[PC] Stuck unable to roll dice on battle screen
« on: September 13, 2014, 12:32:52 AM »
Build Number: 0.1.35

Platform: PC

Description: I attacked Amber from a dungeon tile I had moved to. The combat screen comes up with the burn card meter and the AI is able to roll dice, but I can't which prevents the fight from ending.  Adventurer's Armour is equipped which gives me the shield die, but that's the only die I have on the board. The game itself is running fine as the idle character animations are playing and I'm able to open up the pause menu I alt+tab a lot while posting bugs so that may or may not be an issue. I've never alt+tabbed during fight.

Repro Steps: Get into a fight after moving from mountain tile to a dungeon tile, then attack a character.

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