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Release (v1.8) [Steam] Full Release Build
« on: June 15, 2017, 10:59:16 AM »
Hi all,

Here are the full build notes for v1.8  Shattered Kingdom fresh and ready for y'all to play!

Features and Changes
New Cards
  • Reaper’s Trident (Treasure): In Battle, -2 Dice and gain 3 Poison Swords.
  • King’s Guard Armour (Item): In Battle, First two rolled Sun or Moon that misses are considered a Defence.

Card Changes
  • Hare’s Halberd (Item): New effect In Battle, +1 Die and opponents suffer -1 Die.
  • Chainmail Shirt (Item): New effect In Battle, +1 Shield, and first rolled miss, instead Reflects.
  • Armistice (Trickery): New effect (Play on) Hero (Not Self); If either Hero attacks the other, they'll be named a Traitor.
  • Spy Glass (Item): Gain Scout on all your perils.
  • Saboteur (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, King's Guard, Settlement; Target's Dice will not Explode, until the end of target's next turn.
  • Sailor’s Lantern (Item): Reduced cost from 2 Gold to 1 Gold.
  • Palace Perils: Effect reword to Hero is forced to retreat.

King Presence
  • New Animations and treatment for End Game Victory Sequences: Spirit Stone, Rot and Prestige. This includes unique audio and particle effects.
  • New Dusk and Dawn animations.
  • Updated animations and textures that demonstrate the King's degeneration in-game .
  • Updated Combat Defence animation

Fury Mode
  • New House Rule under “Turn Timers” for those who want a higher pressure Armello experience. These changes include:
    • All players turns locked to 15 seconds (down from 60 seconds)
    • Turn Timer pauses in Combat and Perils.
    • Burndown Timer in Combat and Perils reduced to 10 seconds (down from 15 seconds).
    • Card Draw Timer should be 3 seconds for each card, minimum 5 seconds (from global of 20 seconds).
    • Add 2 seconds to Timer when moving (Action Points).
    • Add 10 seconds to global timer for Questing and Hidden Encounters instead of separate 60-80 second timer.
    • Palace Entry / Highway Fees etc confirmation should not pause the Timer.
    • Whenever time is added a “+X secs” will appear next to the timer.
    • 10 second Timer for the King’s Declarations (down from 45 seconds).
    • Timers on screen at all times.
    • Audio SFX added to support timers.

Audio Changes
  • Skeeve’s store now has it’s own theme song.
  • Tuned the ambient audio, made all aspects more even, including zooming.
  • Tuned all Tile audio to be more consistent.
  • Tuned all character SFK levels to give the character more unity throughout the game.
  • Made sure all stings are consistent in level.
  • Made the UI sounds more subtle, gave them some sophistication.
  • Added ominous tone to background of King voice over.
  • Augmented Burn-Down sound and made it increase in tension as it burns down.
  • Improved End Turn sound to make it feel more a part of the UI.
  • Updated Card Burn sound.
  • Updated Lightning event to have more clarity and focus and excitement.
  • Gave Settlement capture a sound design augmentation that better matches the action.
  • Peril sound now has a little more body.

Games Analytics
  • We’ve implemented various game analytics, an EULA update will also appear on Steam and our other various platforms.

Gameplay Changes
  • Removed the short delay after when a Bane spawns on their turn.
  • Peril Crossbones now appear on all buffed Perils, not just from Cursed Lands.
  • Bane to play Taunt and Screech before fleeing from Spirit Walkers

UI Changes
  • You can now select AI’s hero skins and Dice skins within the “Select AI Heroes”.
  • Language Options now in the game menu.
  • Added Tabs to Skeeve’s store for easier navigation.
  • Added tooltips to Player Badges in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Ribbon appears over Heroes that are unplayed yet.
  • Settlement owner now reads “Claimed by <hero_name>”.

Command Line Dice
  • Allows users to upload and use their own created dice in Singleplayer Armello.
  • Uses the Steam command line, pointing to a file path to upload a dice created by the user.
  • Can upload a texture and a normal map.
  • Image file types accepted: PNG, JPEG.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed NMA when an AI Barnaby hero equips an Item.
  • Fixed NMA when AI Barnaby is taking over a human player.
  • Optimised various particles that would result in gradual loss of frame rate.
  • Fixed rare occasion when two DLC heroes could be played in-game.
  • Fixed Palace Perils tool tip.
  • Fixed tween order of Quest denizen and their speech bubble.

Known Issues
  • [Mac] 3D previews not showing in Skeeve’s store and Steam Inventory.
  • Visual glitch when opening the last of a Chest of a particular type.
  • Horace’s Black Company skin cannot be selected.
  • Chainmail Shirt’s & King's Guard Armour reflect doesn’t work correctly against the King.
  • Find Game is able to be selected by all players in a 4 player party (this will currently kick the player from the party).
  • Hero Shelf on the the End Screen not showing Inventory items.
  • Large text on the Hero Shelf.
  • Pixel line asset on Pause Screen, Game Guide and various other places.
  • When Arson is played on a tile Ghor occupies, he’ll stay in Tree form for the rest of the game.
  • The Sana prologue can skip the Rot tutorial.
  • Combat Screen has visual glitches.
  • 2 King’s Guards can spawn on one tile.
  • Chat Icon is sometimes cut off in certain resolutions.
  • Graphical issue with accepting a Multiplayer Game from Singleplayer.
  • When changing languages in-game there can be some text that goes blocky.
  • Transparency issue with Fog/Castle/Tilt Shift.
  • Skeeve store tabs text hasn’t been localisted.


Darcy & the LoG Team.
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Re: Release (v1.8) [Steam] Full Release Build
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2017, 11:58:08 AM »
Interesting changes! Really glad at the bugfixes here most of all! Fury mode sounds like the kind of game i can play when I'm short on time! I'm still going to love my normal public hour long games though!

Question about the hero skin price drop, what will skin fragments be for now if we can get them all in the shop now? Will they stick around and be able to drop skins early for the next hero expansion?
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Re: Release (v1.8) [Steam] Full Release Build
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2017, 12:48:08 PM »
Holy.....what's the point of Spyglass now, since it's literally just a worse Lantern, considering Lantern is only 1 gold now?


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Re: Release (v1.8) [Steam] Full Release Build
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2017, 11:02:44 PM »
Spyglass turns every peril you play into a Rangers Card.