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Introducing Hero Skin Fragments
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:53:39 PM »

Greetings all,

As you may know, Armello's new collection, Druid's Bequest, will be unearthed on the 24th of May. We're pretty excited, because this new collection holds something a little special!

Within Druid Chests, you will not only find a beautiful new array of dice, but you will also find Hero Skin Fragments.

There are four different types of Hero Skin Fragments, one for each of the Great Clans of Armello. Transmogrifying five fragments of the same type (i.e., five Wolf Clan Hero Skin Fragments) will forge a Hero Skin for a random Hero of that clan. Naturally, the fragments and the skins they produce, like everything that comes out of chests, will be fully 'tradable' and 'marketable'.

We've provided a mini FAQ below, but let us know if you have any further questions surrounding fragments, and feel free to discuss below!


<3 Darcy & The LoG Squad

Are there Hero skin fragments for The Bandit Clan?

The Bandit Clan do not have Hero Skin Fragments, but I'm sure that rag-tag crew will make do with their current threads.

Will the drop rates of Dice be affected?

Obviously, with the addition of new items, the rate at which particular items drop from chests has to shift. As you know, we never share exact drop rates, but the TL;DR is that you'll simply see fewer Common and Uncommon dice, to make room for the four different Hero Skin Fragments.

You'll be happy to hear the drop rates for the rarest dice will remain largely untouched.

What are my chances of getting a Hero Skin Frament from a Chest?

We don't discuss the specifics of drop rates, buuuuut Hero Skins were designed to be ultra rare, so you can assume the rates for the Hero Skin Fragments will be set up to support that.

Aka; They won't come quickly.

But I just bought a Hero Skin!

Thank you! Purchasing Hero Skins are still the primary method to obtain what you want, when you want. This fragment system is intended to reward dedicated players with a diverse and valuable range of items. Remember, there is no guarantee you'll Transmogrify the particular skin you're hunting for.