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New Dice Skins
« on: May 05, 2017, 06:21:56 PM »
I was really looking forward to a set of new chests, keys, and dice skins with the release of Wyld's Ward 1.7.

Perhaps it's because I read the suggestion somewhere, or perhaps it's because the  Double Dip weekend made it seem like you had to hurry up and get the Trickery set of dice before they were gone and a new set of dice were introduced with Wyld's Ward 1.7 or The Bandit's Clan DLC.

To be honest, I think so many people disconnect early or mid-game  because if they don't think they've got a shot at winning the game, they don't see the point in spending an hour playing through it. These are the players who already have all the dice and don't need to stay in the game for that final reward. They're only there to slay the king.

In the end, their disconnect ends up screwing up the game for the other players, often making Armello hang long enough I can actually go make lunch, or it causes Armello to freeze all together. It's rather a vicious cycle and unfair to players who still need dice or are trying to work on achievements.

Are there plans in the future for a new set of die?
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