Author Topic: [PC] Cycling through character tabs in hero shelf causes momentary freezing.  (Read 1473 times)

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Build Number: 0.1.35


Changing tabs in the hero shelf causes the game to momentarily freeze if you're going from a character tab with 3 equipped items to any other tab. The sound for changing tabs will play, but it can take a couple of seconds to actually change pages. So far I've only checked this while play as  Sona.

Here's what I have tested and found out with regards to this.

Open Hero Shelf as Sana (in this case I had 2 items)
Going to Mercurio(2 items) tab and back to Sana is fine.
Going to Amber(3 items) tab and back to Sana is sometimes fine or sometimes freezing*
Going to Thane(3 items) tab is fine,but going back to Sana freezes.
Going to King(no items) tab and back to Sana is fine.

*Sometimes going from Sana to Amber to Sana will work without freezing even going back and forth a few times(Tried it 10 times in a row). Going from another character besides Sana to Amber and then back to Sana always produces freezing. I noticed this in a game I played before while playing as Sana as well.

Repro Steps: Navigate through the Hero Shelf from a a character with 3 equipped items to any other tab in the Hero Shelf.

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I've noticed some minor freezing up doing the same thing. I never paid attention to how many items the character had, I figured it was just a loading freeze-up that would get ironed out overtime.