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Armello Themed Hidden Role/Social Deduction Game
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:12:10 AM »
Hello fellow armellians

As you all know Armello is based on tabletop games.  In my opinion Armello succeeds in this, however I also think that the world of Armello could support other styles of tabletop games.  Hidden Role games like Werewolf or Secret Hitler would be a perfect genre for the cast of backstabbing and treacherous characters of Armello.  I liked this idea so much that I developed an Armello themed Hidden Role game.  The game is still in early development.  I have only playtestested the game once so there is still a lot of tweaking I need to do to finish the game but I figured I might as well post this here for anyone who was interested and would like to playtest it and give feedback.  The game is available as a mod available for Tabletop Simulator if you would like to help me playtest the game.  Keep in mind it is still very rough, but hopefully it will get smoother out through playtests.  Here is the link to the steam workshop page.  The rules are listed there as well.

Here is a super brief description of the game

The game takes place before the events of Armello, during the formation of the kingdoms of Armello.  The players play as the kings advisors, suggesting declarations for the king to enact.  In order to win, the loyalists need to improve relations with each of the 4 clans.  When relations are good enough they join the kingdom, providing a bonus ability.  There are a couple of ways the traitors can win.  If the king gets corrupted the traitors win.  They also win if the revolution track gets to 5. 
Progress is made towards the goal by enacting declarations.  A declaration card has 2 effects, one of which helps the loyalists and the other hurts them.  Each player gives a declaration to the scribe selects 2 declarations from that group that players vote on.
Players can also take special actions at the cost of strengthening the conspiracy.  In order to take an action players must put a conspiracy card into the conspiracy deck.  At the end of the round the prestige leader draws the top 2 cards and reveals one of them.  Unfortunately any card revealed from the conspiracy deck only resolves its negative effect so if the person drawing those cards wants to screw over the loyalists that is a good way to do it.
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