Author Topic: Spell and Trick Cards for Team Mode suggestion  (Read 591 times)

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Spell and Trick Cards for Team Mode suggestion
« on: December 31, 2016, 12:51:48 PM »
Bleed For You
Spell Card - Wyld Symbol
Cost: 3 Spirit + an amount of Health
Effect: Play to Ally - Cut your own health to restore the health of your ally.  WARNING: This card CAN kill you.  Raises your Team Affinity by 1 if you survive the card and 3 if it kills you.

Helping Hand
Spell Card - Sun Symbol
Cost: 4 Spirit
Effect: Can only be played while sharing a tile with your ally.  Your ally gains your Hero's ability on top of their own.  Raises your Team Affinity by 2.

My Brother/Sister's Keeper (changes name depending on your ally's Hero's gender)
Trick Card - Moon Symbol
Cost: 0
Effect: This card cannot be played.  It activates automatically when you're killed if your ally has a bounty.  Your ally's bounty will be cleared.  Raises Team Affinity by 1.

Spell Card - Wyld
Cost: 5 Spirit
Effect:  Play to ally - You and your ally gain the effects of both equip and companion cards until the end of your team's next turn.  Raises Team Affinity by 1 initially, and 1 for every battle both team members survive until the next turn.

Poisoned Wine
Trick Card - Rot Symbol
Cost: 2 Gold
Effect: Play to self or ally - Poison the Hero selected until next turn.  If the Hero survives your team gains the amount of health lost in Prestige.  If played to your ally, lowers your Team Affinity by 1 if they survive and 4 if they die.

I need some time to come up with more but these are what I've got so far.  Read up on the Team Mode thread I started if you need to.
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