Author Topic: "Winning" While Evading Should Still Cause You to Move  (Read 489 times)

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"Winning" While Evading Should Still Cause You to Move
« on: December 26, 2016, 07:11:58 AM »
At present, when you're evading and your reflects deal enough damage to your opponent that you "win," you do not move and your opponent retreats.  I think that this should be changed and that you should evade regardless of whether you deal more damage to your opponent through reflects (except when you have Lionheart equipped).

This "irregularity" was previously brought up by SurefireTactics through one of his reports, but I feel this issue needs to be brought up again.  With the introduction of Magna, a character whose hero ability is based on reflect, and several items which cause reflect (i.e. Iron Pike, Chainmail Shirt, Hero Shield) the probability of this affecting gameplay has increased. 

This is particularly frustrating if a player uses a Wyld's Warning they saved on someone in the palace fully expecting the hero to be pushed out by the guards at dawn, only for a lucky roll to let them stay in (something that is known to have cost people games).  Lore-wise, it also makes sense you should still move because any damage you do while evading is due to lucky potshots that occur while you're already getting out of the way.