Author Topic: A Game of Bad Luck, Rot, and Sadness  (Read 1119 times)

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A Game of Bad Luck, Rot, and Sadness
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:22:01 PM »
This had to have been the worst match I have ever been in as Thane. It all started when I was on my way to complete the first quest. I decided to go to a dungeon and try my luck and get something good. Well it teleported me to another dungeon close by. I pushed my luck again by trying again. This time it spawned a bane, it then killed me. +1 Rot. Still haven't completed my first quest, I set out from the clan grounds once more. This time I avoided the dungeon and tried my luck at the peril. +2 Rot plus a rot card that summons a bane. Finally completed my first quest,  I found out that my next one was next to two dungeons. Made my way over there. I was one move away from completing my second quest, night fell and 3 banes spawned. One of them killed me, then they covered up the quest spot. +1 Rot. Set out and got killed by the same bane. +1 Rot. Well now I have so much rot I have became corrupted. Finally took my rage out on the banes of my game. +3 Rot. I was low health, but happy to finally win something. Out of no where Zosha fights me, we both I am mad. I played some cards right and attempted to get into the castle without completing all the quests. First attempt I get burned to death by Sargon's spell cards. River uses a card that gives both of us prestige every turn (didn't realize this is how she was going to use me to try to win.) She then turns all the perils into guards with 1 life. I was right there ready to go in, take down the guard, and kick some lion tail. Zosha fights me again...we both die.  The king had 1 heart left, I knew I couldn't win and I fought the urge to rage quit(after all all I needed to do is just wait one more turn and I will get my chance at a chest, plus I know I won't win every game so no need to be a little jerk and quit). I had a teleportation card ready and got right next to River ready to take her down..after Zosha's turn. Zosha attacked River and then got killed. "Here is my time to shine. All that hardship, all of that bad luck, and pain will finally pay off and the game will end." I thought to myself. Zosha rage quit like a little bit..jerk. Her turn wouldn't end..the game glitched out....after an hour of the worst luck and testing my patience, we couldn't end the game due to a you get the idea. So no chest/key for me, just one misierable long match that never ended due to a glitch that a little fu...person's temper tantrum...I should have went to bed at 5 am.  :'(