Author Topic: Hotfix v1.5 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 1)  (Read 959 times)

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Hotfix v1.5 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 1)
« on: November 21, 2016, 06:11:53 PM »
Hi everyone,

Thanks for submitting any bug reports over the weekend! A hotfix has just gone live.

Bug Fixes
  • Crash on launch fix caused by Steam usernames with special symbols.
  • Fixed a bug where Steam usernames would remain on Banes, King’s Guards or King Combat Panel.
  • Removed Gallows’ Eve Dice from Dice skin rotation (unless you have it in your Inventory).

Known Issues
  • Some cards are not animating when in inventories/hands/card gallery.
  • Combat being stopped due to a disconnecting player/s.
  • King's Declaration layering over the player's hero shelf.
  • Missing particle on Signet/Ring unlock progression.
  • Multiplayer player lobby may display the 'Waiting for players to be ready..." message at incorrect times.
  • Clicking Leave Queue from the multiplayer menu (not the game ready pop up) can cause the next queue and subsequent game you enter to NMA on game start.
  • A player who has left a game via the 'game ready' pop up may have their name appear in the lobby for the next game, this however will not impact the game or lobby.
  • Rare issue where the trailers in the prologue menu may copy one another, and play the same trailer regardless of which one is clicked.
  • In-game pause menu may become unresponsive when attempting to quit a Prologue or Multiplayer game (unpausing and repausing can fix this issue)


Lisy & the LoG crew!